How to prepare Matcha tea and 20 Matcha tea recipes for a gourmet break

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I believe it is no longer a secret to you. Our second passion at ClemAroundTheCorner is tea (after our decor blog of course)! So today, I wanted to tell you about it and share with you our recipe for making Matcha tea. Because for some time, this green tea has taken a big place in our consumption.

You must have heard a lot about him lately and / or admired many photos of him. Maybe you too have become addicted! Today, I invite you to discover or rediscover the recipe for Matcha tea, what is its history and how to taste what is also called “liquid jade mousse” once prepared. And for a little more indulgence, you will have plenty of time to choose between 20 ideas for sweet Matcha tea recipes. This way, you will be able to fully enjoy the flavors of Matcha tea during your snack break!

Matcha tea: its history and how to prepare it

History of Matcha green tea: a unique ingredient steeped in history

This superb powdered green tea seems to have originated in China during the Song dynasty. That is to say, between 960 and 1270. Just like the consumption of tea itself for that matter. Indeed, even if it is much less developed in the West, powdered tea has been used since that time in the same way as leaf tea. Under the influence of Chan Buddhists, Matcha tea then takes a really important place in the ritual of this community.

In Japan, Matcha tea is used in a ceremony known as “Cha No Yu”. In reality, it is more an art and a special way of serving tea than a ceremony. Even though our western point of view prompts us to call it that. At this point, it is from an experienced practitioner that one can then learn how to prepare Matcha tea. Indeed, it is he who, in a very codified way, takes care of the preparation and draws from the powder a delicious beverage with a complex, creamy and slightly sweet flavor.

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How to prepare Matcha tea once harvested and which one to choose?

Before thinking about how to prepare Matcha tea, you first need to know what it is. Unlike “regular” tea, Matcha green tea leaves do not curl before drying. On the contrary, they spread out. So, as they dry, they already start to crumble and produce tencha. We can then grind the latter between two stone grindstones to make this famous very fine and green powder. From there, you can use Matcha in different ways. It can be used as a drink, as a natural flavor for various preparations such as pastries or as a coloring.

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Even though it is considered to be one of the finest and noblest varieties of teas, the variations in quality are wide. So, when choosing your tea, you have to pay attention to several things. First of all, you have to pay attention to the color. The worst Matcha have a brownish appearance that tends towards yellow. Those of good quality are rather a very bright green. Finally, in terms of taste, if the product is bad, it will be much too bitter than it should and will have a texture resembling a mixture of seaweed. On the other hand, a good tea will only be very slightly bitter. And above all, it will offer a slightly sweet frothy texture that will delight your taste buds.

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The steps to finally know how to prepare Matcha tea to perfection (or almost)!

There are two types of Matcha: Ususha and Koicha. Those who are just starting out tend to adopt the first one, especially for its less thick texture. Koicha, on the other hand, is much creamier and thicker. It is thus particularly appreciated by connoisseurs because it is a really delicious drink, provided, of course, how to prepare Matcha tea correctly!

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Successful preparation of the drink

Once you’ve picked the one you want and the right utensils, here’s how to make Matcha tea, along with links to the two / three utensils you’ll need. (Note that there are (Amazon) Matcha tea prep kits with everything you need if you want to avoid purchasing the items separately.)

  • Pass the Matcha tea powder through a small sieve (Amazon) to obtain a homogeneous and light powder by breaking any clumps that have formed.
  • Preheat the Matcha bowl (Amazon) by pouring hot water into it. Take advantage of this moment to also dip the blades of the chasen (Amazon) (the small whip) in water. Once the bowl is warm to the touch, empty it.
  • Then pour one to two teaspoons of Matcha tea powder into the bowl. Then add a small volume of water at 70 degrees, i.e. between 70 ml and 100 ml at 80 °. Be careful, do not pour boiling water in! The easiest way, if you can, is to use a kettle with adjustable temperature. Otherwise, use a kitchen thermometer.
  • Mix gently with the whisk, following the shape of a W of the wrist until you obtain a homogeneous mixture, creamy and slightly frothy on the surface.
  • To remove the whisk, first bring it back to the middle of the mixture. Then, position it vertically before removing it gently.

There you are, you know. So now it’s your turn! (PS: the tea towels are not necessary in themselves. But if like me, you have flashed on them, they are French Jacquard! You know, I told you about it on the blog and I even gave you a video tour of their factory. !)

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Le Jacquard Français napkin and set – SMEG kettle

Matcha tea recipe: 20 original sweet ideas to amaze your taste buds

So roll up your sleeves and preheat your oven! Because I can guarantee you that you will fall in love with these little sweet recipe ideas. Well, I have to admit, I haven’t tested them (all) myself. But that doesn’t mean that I went to find you 20 of the best Matcha tea recipes from great food blogs around the world. As delicious as they are aesthetically sublime, they will have something to delight those who will have the chance to taste them! (By the way, save me a piece!)

The essential latte

As you may have noticed, latte has become the staple of the coffee break (and Instagram photos). And I think Matcha Latte is next on the list! What I like about this Matcha tea recipe is mixing the spirit of coffee with that of tea in a completely atypical drink. Indeed, Matcha tea is a product with a totally unexpected and special taste. If you have never tasted it before, it is best to prepare the “classic” Matcha tea first to familiarize yourself with the taste of this traditional Japanese green tea. On the other hand, if you’ve tried it before and adopted it, here’s something to crack you up. What will you be tempted by: a soy matcha latte, a classic, caramel, coconut or rather a cappuccino-style matcha tea?

how to prepare matcha tea recipe whisk recipe snack break

Bohème collection napkin and set by Le Jacquard Français

Matcha iced tea

In ice cream or sorbet, I personally melt. I did not have the opportunity to try matché tea ice cream this summer. And in winter, I’m not too cold desserts, so it will have to wait a little longer. But I can tell you that next summer this perfume is right at the top of my list; provided you find an ice cream parlor that offers it. If you have addresses, now is the time! Because the recipes that I offer you really made me want to let myself be tempted by this flavor. So I’m only waiting for one thing: to try! And then, I really like the fact that this green tea can be transformed without moderation. So, more matcha tea ice cream, classic milkshake, soya, or would you prefer that the cookie in your cone has this flavor?

Cookies and small delicacies

For a successful original tea break (or a coffee break, let’s go…), here are some ideas for sweet bites. And yes, here you will only have small-scale pastries. Even if I am very greedy (and that I do not refuse a huge slice of cake), I really like creating little sweets to accompany my tea. Especially when this moment is shared. I find it more user-friendly to offer several small pastries rather than a cake cut into pieces. Cookies, madeleines, muffins, éclairs, donuts, small pots of pana cotta or even chia pudding, there is something to feast on. I promise !

A recipe to share:

Is it your turn to bring dessert tonight? If you’re tired of the traditional strawberry pie or the unmissable chocolate cake (as good as it is), I have the solution! If everyone is ready to discover new flavors and take a step into the unknown, these few matcha tea sharing cake recipes should do the trick! Here you will find classic pastries revisited to make atypical desserts to die for. What will you choose: pie, cheesecake, pancake cake, cake or marbled?

Don’t forget to keep me a piece!

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