How to prevent your sugar syrup from burning or crystallizing

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Nothing more frustrating than a burnt sugar syrup! It is so easy to prepare, but sometimes a little carelessness with the temperature of the stove can burn it in a matter of seconds. In addition to always keeping an eye on the preparation, some very simple precautions can help:
PHOTO: Paulo Cuenca – Instagram: @paulocuenca

  • Do not drop anything on the edge of the pan; whatever is around may burn and bitter its syrup.
  • If possible, keep a small glass of clean water with a brush (those used to brush the preparations with egg yolk) handy, so that you can clean the edges of the pan if you notice that it has stuck to a little syrup and it is darkening.
  • To prevent the syrup from crystallizing, that is, from evaporating more water than desired, always keep an eye on its temperature!
  • Adding glucose or corn syrup prevents sugar crystals from forming in your syrup and makes it a little less sweet!

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