How to save when planning your trip?

How to save when planning your trip?

In times of high dollar prices, everyone is afraid when traveling abroad! But how about enjoying your vacation by spending less with some simple tips?

1 – Search in several companies and / or agencies


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Never see a promotion and buy your ticket right away! What good is a cheap ticket if hotels and cost in the city are out of budget? It is necessary to do a thorough research of the chosen destination and carefully evaluate these promotions.
Search for alternatives on several sites and even try calling the companies to get better discounts. This is a great tip!

2 – Clean the data


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Incredibly, if you log in several times on the same site in search of tickets and hotels for a specific destination, the price increases! In reality, the site records the data and presents the most expensive rates. For this reason it is always a good idea to use different computers or clear your browsing data.

3 – Consider alternative transport


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If you intend to take a trip through countries in Europe, for example, nothing better than buying train tickets and traveling overnight. In addition to saving with a plane, you don’t pay a hotel room rate anymore! You can also rent a car and go on a wonderful road trip!

4 – Stay in the city


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Who says you need to stay in a 5 star hotel to be well accommodated? There are several alternatives for staying! In addition to taking a look at the best hotel prices, search for hostels, home rentals, apartments or rooms on sites like Airbnb, Wimdu and Couch Surfing (I already talked about that here).

I hope these tips help you to plan your next trip even more!

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