How to start my journey in the universe of Wines

How to start my journey in the universe of Wines

I have many friends who know about my appreciation for wines, and they keep asking me what to do to get started in this world that seems so exotic. The most common questions are: should I take a course? Should I buy an expensive wine to find out what good wine is? Which wine harmonizes with what? So here we go: if you choose to take a course give preference to those made for beginners, look for wine bars and Winebars, these places always offer them. As for wines “super expensive ”, it’s useless to put a child who doesn’t take a tango course, right? So let’s take it easy … how about we start crawling?
First of all, keep in mind that there is no prerequisite for enjoying wine, just start and move on! Furthermore, knowing the difference between DRINKING and TASTING is fundamental !!! Wine is consumed for the purpose of providing pleasure, and not out of necessity, like water for example. That way, whoever drinks wine to enjoy it, will be tasting, and not simply drinking wine. So, my first tip is: gather a group of friends who have the same interest as you in learning to appreciate good wines. Wine is an aggregating drink, there is nothing better than sharing the experience of an unforgettable bottle! In addition, if you are going to taste a bottle yourself, you probably will not have the “ethylic conditions” to compare it with the second… rsrsrsrsrs…
The second tip is that you decide the type of comparison you want to make. Here are some options:

  • Different grapes in the same price range;
  • Same grape, from different countries;
  • Same grape, with different price range;
  • Same grape, from the same winery, from different harvests. (Vintage is the year that appears on the label. It refers to the year of the grape harvest, not the year the wine was bottled).

carol1 wine
Whatever your choice, it is necessary to highlight some aspects. For a good tasting, the glasses are essential! I suggest that they are TOTALLY transparent, so that they can observe the color of the wine. In addition, I advise that they are of delicate material, light and easy to handle. The bowls MUST be absolutely clean, without odors (washing bowls with sponges that also washed dishes used to serve eggs, for example, can end your night gourmet). And finally, the quantity: no filling the wine glass. The bowl should be served with only 1/3 of its volumeThis is for two reasons: so that it does not heat up – this is valid for all wines, but mainly white wines – and so that the wine can “breathe”, release its aromas in the glass. Taking advantage of the hook, also worry about the temperature of the wines: red wines should be served at 18 ° C, white at 12 ° C, and sparkling at 8 ° C.
If you decide on the first option, research the chosen grapes, and always serve from the least stocky to the most stocky. In the case of the experience with the same grape of different price ranges, start from the cheapest to the most expensive, and it is quite interesting after tasting them all, go back to the first bowl to feel the difference. I can assure you that not necessarily the most expensive bottle will please you the most. That’s because no one can dictate our preferences! In case you choose vertical tasting (this is the name given to that of the different vintages), you will probably spend a little more, since long-guard wines cost a little more, and will usually be found in specialized stores, but in my opinion, is the most unforgettable oenophilic experience!
It is worth remembering that the impression and analysis they will have of the wine will be individual, since the flavors will be received and interpreted by our brain according to our taste memory, that is, it is useless to read that such wine has the aroma of “wild currant from Patagonia ”, If I have never tasted such fruit… lol…
carol2 wine
Compare the colors of all wines, the aromas, the acidity, the presence of fruits, spices, etc. It is also very worthwhile to pay attention to the evolution of the wine during the time that you will taste it. Wait, take it easy, take your time … The wine is “alive”, and it changes every minute in your glass. Always have plenty of fresh water, not chilled, just fresh. During the tasting it is essential to drink a lot of water, since alcohol has the ability to dehydrate us, and the next day comes that super headache!
And finally, here is my last and perhaps most precious tip: do not make the tasting with your friends a methodology class with technical objectives… Just be consumers gourmets, (connoisseurs of good food and good wines). Allow the tasting environment to become a pleasant and hedonic experience, meaning that this meeting has a single purpose: pleasure!

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