how to take care of mental health amid chaos

how to take care of mental health amid chaos

There is no way to talk about anything other than the coronavirus. After all, there are so many news, recommendations and ~ uncertainties ~. Anyway, a whirlwind of information that can even make us freak out a little. Therefore, it is important to follow the professionals’ recommendations to avoid infection and take care of our mental health.

how to take care of mental health amid chaos

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To help, the WHO (World Health Organization), published a text with several notes and tips to better deal with this moment. I have listed the ones that stood out the most and can help you get through this phase in the most prudent and calm way possible.

What are the main care to protect yourself from COVID-19?

For starters, it is worth remembering the importance of basic hygiene recommendations. The first is universal: wash your hands thoroughly, including space between your fingers, back and wrist and use soap and water. Right after, remember the 70% alcohol gel. So, with a clean hand, if you cough, put your arms in front, avoiding to infect other people. And of course, with all these precautions, avoid rubbing your face.

how to take care of mental health amid chaos

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Basic hygiene recommendations, ok! Now, in the face of all this alarm, avoid crowds, keep environments clean and exchange the kiss on the cheek and hug for a hi-five, heart with your hand or a beautiful smile ?
Now that the recommendations have been followed, which are not very difficult, but extremely important, let’s get to the starting point of the text. How, in the face of so much hysteria and chaos, to keep mental health up to date?

Read the news, but not much!

It is very important and enriching at this moment to be well informed about everything that is happening. That must be why you got here. But, we live in a time when many things are shared all the time and, therefore, being careful that it is not a mental overload of information is very important.

how to take care of mental health amid chaos

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For people who suffer from anxiety, for example, it is better to choose specific and given time to find out about the current problem, instead of staying connected all the time and reading all about COVID-19. That is, limit the amount of time you will devote to reading or watching over. Try to think of other things, a good tip is to watch a series that you like.

how to take care of mental health amid chaos

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Another very important point is that a lot of news can cause some stress – either because they are too hyped or fake news. Therefore, try to follow reliable news sites and consult the source of the information. To reassure, the Ministry of Health website has more accurate information on the subject.

Make other coisas beyond of social networks

It is also common not to talk about anything other than coronavirus on social networks. In addition, for those who are quarantining and may have a little more free time, they end up spending a lot of time on the cell phone screen. Therefore, taking care to police yourself about this and perform other activities is important to relax and make room for other thoughts.

how to take care of mental health amid chaos

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If you notice that the subject is making you feel bad, silence some hashtags on social networks and / or whatsapp groups that talk a lot about the subject. Research on other topics or, even better: put everything in airplane mode for a while and go do something else outside the virtual world. Reading a book, trying out a new makeup idea, organizing the room … These are great options.

Avoid contact physical but not social

Okay, the indications are for us to avoid contact. But for some people, isolation, or quarantine, can create tremendous stress. So it is important we are going to do a few things to avoid this.

how to take care of mental health amid chaos

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The first is to remember that the technologies are there to help us. Keep in touch online or by phone with friends, family and people you care about. Take some breaks, call someone who does you well, tell them some news and listen to some gossip from your friends. This will help you relax and feel less alone.

Try to follow your routine: exercise, soak up the sun …

Exercising, sunbathing, having contact with nature, are great for relieving tension. Funny that these moments remind us of habits that are essential in a healthy routine. After all, these are activities that we can adopt to do forever.

how to take care of mental health amid chaos

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Since the recommendations are to stay more at home, find some time in your day and space in your home to perform some exercises and put your little body to move. Go to the balcony, patio or place without crowds of people and get some sun. In addition to being great for raising vitamin D, it brings a lot of tranquility and peace.

Share positive experiences

It is very worrying and extremely necessary to take preventive initiatives for now, but if you do your research, you can see that, despite everything, there is a lot of hopeful news about the coronavirus.

how to take care of mental health amid chaos

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Many people have already recovered and there are several ways to get out of this well! One is to follow medical recommendations and do everything possible to contain the spread of the virus. In addition, did you hear that two Brazilian women sequenced the coronavirus genome 48 hours after the first case here?

Chat with children

In moments of high tension, it is common for the little ones to be influenced and also to be stressed and anxious. Another factor is that, most likely, because they don’t have to go to school, see other friends and socialize, they accumulate a lot of energy inside the house.

how to take care of mental health amid chaos

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Thus, it is necessary to be attentive and talk to the children, explaining the situation in a simple and consistent way with the age group and trying to keep the routine as normal as possible. Ah, asking them to talk about what they are feeling always helps!
+ Have you noticed that the indications for the little ones are also for us adults?
We may not have easy days, but being aware of what is happening to the world and our emotions is the first step towards dealing with everything in a more calm and thoughtful way! Comment what you think of the tips and tell if you have any that can help too.

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