How to tell if your eggs are fresh

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I always had a question about how long the eggs are in transit, from the farm to the supermarkets and then from the supermarkets to our home; and especially if in the middle of that process they will still remain fresh. I know that if I put an egg in a glass and it goes down to the bottom of it, it will be fresh and if it floats it will be gone. That’s easy! But how do you know if the egg that is still good, is really fresh or if it is already a few days old?
So, I was in an egg class at Lenôtre these days and I discovered that to make a perfect poached egg, in addition to other techniques, it is necessary that the eggs are really very fresh. What did we do to find this out? We open the eggs; D! I will explain: when the egg is very fresh it has a very rounded yolk and around that yolk is the white well attached, which is not even liquid at all. In the fresh egg, the white is very firm and there is no water left around it. And this is the very fresh egg.
On the other hand, when broken, you notice that the white is starting to lose consistency, become liquid like water and that it no longer involves the whole yolk, it is a sign that this egg is already beginning to age. It does not mean that it cannot be used for other preparations, but it is always good to have a clear idea of ​​what we are eating.
In addition, here in France the eggs come, one by one, marked with the date when they were packaged, which also helps to measure the time it took to arrive at your home.

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