how to use and where to find?

How to Use and Where to Find?

A lot of people end up giving up the idea of ​​having a bar at home due to lack of space, but who says you need to worry about countertops and shelves to create this corner? None of this, strollers are excellent options for those with small environments. In addition to the piece being very practical on a daily basis, let’s combine that is the greatest charm.

how to use and where to find?

Photo: Fashion Capaz Hostess

Also known as bar cart, mobile bars are increasingly popular, so it’s easier to find models that match your décor and the home’s environment. There are more rustic and colorful options – perfect for outdoor environments – but it is also quite common to find pieces with a more industrial or classic footprint in wood. There are plenty of good options ?

how to use and where to find?

Photo: Emily Henderson Style

In addition to accommodating drinks, glasses and bowls, the piece can also be used in other ways. The cart can replace, for example, your nightstand, a small sideboard or even serve as another support in the kitchen if your countertop is small. It is always good to have versatile pieces in decoration!

how to use and where to find?

Photos: Home Yoh My and Kate 33 via Pinterest


In addition to finding the pieces in physical decoration stores, it is also possible to find good alternatives in e-commerces. Several models have great discounts in January, so it’s worth researching and seeing what pays off most for you mais
I made a selection of very different pieces, after all, each one has a style, right? Hope you like it!
how to use and where to find?
1- Etna | R $ 399.99
2- Mobly | R $ 2,059.20
3- Muma. | R $ 688.00
4- Oppa | R $ 999.99
5- Casa Mind | R $ 1,299.00
6- Tok & Stok | R $ 1,220.00
7- Tok & Stok | R $ 975.00
8- Tok & Stok | R $ 1,375.00
9- Mobly | R $ 1,818.70
10- Tok & Stok | R $ 550.00

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