How to use any earring with reamer?

How to use any earring with reamer?

Anyone who has been with me for some time knows that I use an enlarger, but that never stopped me from putting on several earrings! For those who don’t know, my hole is 10mm (1cm). In addition to using the more traditional reamers, I take the opportunity to play with different colors and shapes.
But Dani, and if I want to wear a traditional earring, how can I? Yes! I organized for you in three categories the ways I use earrings, and they all work very well. Let’s go?

Hook Earring

The tip for those who intend to use azole earrings is to drill a second hole. In my case, for example, I put the earring in this second hole and choose an reamer that matches it. It doesn’t happen to use this type of earring in the reamer hole because it weighs the ear, but I think this solution is very efficient ?
How to use any earring with reamer?

Pressure Earring

When the earrings are heavier and bigger, I prefer the pressure ones! In addition to having a rubber that holds better in the ear, the earrings are more fixed and without danger of falling. Oh, and always give preference to those with rounded, combined latches?
How to use any earring with reamer?

Traditional earring

Despite these options, there is always an earring or another of a traditional model that we feel like wearing. When this happens, I use a clear adhesive tape cut into a square shape to cover one side of the hole. To reinforce, I put two pieces!
That done, I pierce the tape with my own earring, taking care to drill as high as possible. In addition, I always opt for ear bra type dies, which better support the accessory.
How to use any earring with reamer?
If you want to better understand how I do it and get to know the reamers I use, just watch the video there on my Instagram explaining everything ?

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