How to use brightness on a daily basis

How to use brightness on a daily basis

Using brightness on a daily basis is the question of many people, right? Pieces in sequins or with a lot of glitter often end up being restricted at night and are not always versatile. The tip is to bet on skirts a little longer, trousers not obvious and blazers in this texture. With these models it is much easier to assemble bright and super casual productions. Doubt?

how-to-use-shine-casually-day-by-day-danielle-noce-0 Picture – Glamor

To make the production look good a good tip is to mix these pieces glam with others in super simple fabrics like jeans, cotton and the classic sweatshirt. This high-low always looks interesting and adds personality to the simplest looks. Jeans with a white shirt look much more cool with a shiny cardigan, don’t you think?

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