How to Use Fruit in Cake Decorating

How to Use Fruit in Cake Decorating

In addition to bringing freshness to the recipes, the fruits are very welcome in the decoration. When placed in a harmonic way, they leave the coverage even more elegant and delicate. There are those who don’t like to eat them very much, but we can’t deny that they make the desserts beautiful!
Another interesting point of berries is that they can
indicate the filling of the cake. A sweet stuffed with strawberry, for example, can be decorated with Red fruits. To combine the fruits with the decoration, the topping cream is up to you. Chantilly, ganache and meringue these are just some of the ways to make a light coat before adding the rest of the decoration. If it is a naked cake, do not let something on the top keep the fruit still parada

How to Use Fruit in Cake Decorating

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To help you come up with some ideas, I chose some of the most common forms of fruit decoration to share with you! You can be sure that they will add a special touch to your desserts.


The most classic and simplest way to decorate cakes with fruits is to place them all in the center of the candy. In this case, care must be taken that the final arrangement is not too exaggerated, as they will be placed on top of each other. Don’t be afraid to mix the berries with other elements, so bet on flowers or small foliage.
Another way to make fruit composition more elaborate is by using some type of syrup that drips down the sides of the cake. In addition, icing sugar can also be used if it matches the rest of the icing. Fruit in syrup is very well accepted, as it brings a more flavor to the cake.


The half moon decoration is another incredible way to use fruit in the decoration. I confess that I find this shape even more delicate, since you will carefully position the fruits and they will not occupy the entire surface of the candy.
Putting the fruits around the dessert, forming an arc, is also a very interesting way to bring you refreshing ingredients to the recipe. For Christmas, for example, you can even simulate a super charming garland. What about?


Want to abuse your creativity and decorate the cake by spreading berries over it? So, go ahead! The “organized” and harmonic mess makes the cake look more relaxed. For this type of decoration, enjoy desserts with larger structures, such as two or three-story cakes. Use the cake area to enhance the fruit, making the cake even more imposing.
If you want other inspirations, just look at the post with tips and ideas on how to decorate fruit pies. Oh, and if you prefer to use seasonal fruits, just use the table on the website with the seasonality of each one ?

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