How to use logs in decoration?

How to use logs in decoration?

As I told you in the post about CASACOR, materials with more rustic finishes dominated several environments in the show. The pieces in this style not only add textures to the space, but also bring a lot of coziness. It may seem strange to some, but “trunk” style furniture is an excellent option to make your decor more cool and yet very sophisticated. Doubt?

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In more rustic environments, such as country houses and beach, there are many options for pieces. The benches and tables are certainly my favorites – and the more natural, the better!
Want sophistication? A more polished and polished finish helps to give a more elegant look to the furniture. However, it is also possible to make an incredible composition: hi-low, so common in fashion, also works in decoration, see? Mixing luxurious elements with wood are great alternatives ?



Photos – Glamor Brasil, Ello Construtora and Carro de Mola

There are several ways to place the element on the tables. A thinner plate, for example, can work very well on a side table or even on a nightstand. For the dining table, a more rustic foot also works extremely well and still leaves the décor with a cooler footprint, right?

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