How to use prints with dark background

How to use prints with dark background

The prints always give more grace to the everyday looks and leave the pieces with more personality! As you know, I’m a huge fan of printed clothes and I decided to make a post talking exclusively about prints with a dark background!
In addition to beautiful, these prints are super easy to combine and go from the office to the club! How about seeing my favorites?



Photo 1 – Fashion Exchange / Photo 2 – Luv May / Photo 3 – SM Dress

I love the floral prints, because they are feminine and romantic. But have you noticed that they look sexier in the dark versions? They seem to appear more and the background contrasts a lot, it is out of the ordinary!



Photo 1 – Treasury of Trends / Photo 2 – The Fashion Freckle / Photo 3 – Flickr

Who said dark chess is only used on cold days? Nothing like that! The looks with skirts are the face of summer – but of course, with short boots and dark pants or socks the combination is also amazing! This print resembles a college look and looks great for the hippest!



Photo 1 – Lolobu / Photo 2 – Fashion Coolture / Photo 3 – Lee Oliveira

The tribal is fantastic! You can create boho or super elegant looks using this type of print and it is not a bit funny. Combined with sober pieces and dark background, the print jumps even more in the look! It will make you stand out!



Photo 1 – Kalei / Photo 2 – Graphic / Photo 3 – Vanessa Jackman

Of course, the looks would not be left out! The graphic prints on a black background are super urban and can be used even in more formal environments. No matter the modeling, this type of print helps to refine the silhouette – everyone knows that black is miraculous, right?



Photo 1 – A More Fabulous You / Photo 2 – Sylvia Get your head out of the oven / Photo 3 – Cool Spotters

Who said that dark background is synonymous with look boring? You can already see that they are anything but monotonous! The vibrant colors in the print make the look modern and super cool!

My looks


Did you see how I love these prints? It’s time to buy more and more pieces!

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