How to Use the Pastry Bag Alone

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a hard time putting the icing dough inside the pastry bag, without having anyone to help me and hold the bag. It may seem silly and many of you may even know several tips on how to do it, but I really like this one below and I will put you step-by-step on how you should proceed when you are alone:
1. Place the spout in the piping bag and adjust so that the bag is not on top of the spout design.
2. Place the bag in a wide-mouthed glass. If the filling is too liquid, you will need to rotate the bag close to the spout, so that the filling does not drain.
3. Open the bag completely around the mouth of the glass.
4. With your hands free, without having to hold the pastry bag, you will be able to fill with the filling.
5. And you’re done! Just close the pastry bag, take it out of the glass and use it! ?

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