How to warm up?

How to warm up

Nothing better than curling up on the covers and enjoying a movie at home, right? When the cold hits, our only desire is to make a hot chocolate and enjoy the day by spending as much time as possible. Tell the truth, there is nothing better this time of year!

indispensable-for-winter-danielle-noce-0 Picture – @wanderlustandco

Winter always reminds me of warmth – in fact, I love that word. Good company (from the boy / girl or your pet), ultra comfortable clothes, comfort food and sooo much Netflix are great inspirations for this beginning of the season. In addition to all these things, take advantage of the July vacation (for those who have it) to take several beautiful photos at that time, see?

indispensable-for-winter-danielle-noce-2 Photo – Julia Engel, Pinterest, USA Today, Camille Styles and @thecreatedco

To warm up
To warm up
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