How to wear a turtleneck

How to wear a turtleneck

The turtleneck finally made up our warmest looks. The piece is on the rise and you can use it in so many ways that you can’t imagine! Shapes, textures and accessories are essential when assembling the look.
How about choosing your favorite look?


how-to-wear-collar-role-dani-noce-4 Photo 1 – My Pollyanna / Photo 2 – Style-Inspo / Photo 3 – Vogue France

The tight pieces are great because they get hot, but even so they don’t make the production too heavy. They are great to wear with tighter blazers and vests! Cashmer and mesh models are the most common and certainly need to enter your closet!


how-to-wear-collar-role-dani-noce-3 Photo 1 – Stalk All Woman / Photo 2 – Shop Daily Chic / Photo 3 – Vogue Teen

Cropped models with a high collar are very modern. If the weather is milder, the piece is great to use with skirts of all sizes: mini, pencil or even midi. You can try using it with an exposed or fully covered belly band. Another option that I really like is playing over a shirt or longer shirt – the layers make the production more fun.


how-to-wear-collar-role-dani-noce-1 Photo 1 – Roberta Weber / Photo 2 – Stylish Wife / Photo 3 – The Sister Style

Speaking of overlap, wearing a jacket over the coldest days is also amazing! I love the composition with the most loose and fluffy collars, since the look is more comfortable. I like it better when the coat is longer than the turtleneck, because it lengthens the silhouette. But nothing prevents you from using it with a shorter leather jacket, for example.


how-to-wear-collar-role-dani-noce-5 Photo 1 – Claudia dal Pozzo / Photo 2 – Feedly / Photo 3 – My heart beats for Vogue

In addition to using the looser models with coats, I love oversized production. The look looks good to confuse and cool. In order not to leave the whole look wide, opt for more dry pieces at the bottom. The good thing about this modeling is that you can use second skin and several layers of blouses underneath – so you stay very warm!


how-to-wear-collar-role-dani-noce-7 Photo 1 – Madison House / Photo 2 – Mirella Cabaz / Photo 3 – Running in Happiness

Even in oversized models, you can adapt the blouse to a dress! Complement the look with pantyhose or even a lighter dress underneath. There are models already adjusted and with a high collar, like the one in the last photo. I loved the combination of pantyhose with bows (I already talked about it here, remember?).


how-to-wear-collar-role-dani-noce-2 Photo 1 – Lovin Blog / Photo 2 – Street Peeper / Photo 3 – Garance Dore

You know I love accessories, right? I think this model with short necklaces is beautiful – both more delicate (photo 1) and heavy bijoux (photo 3). The accessories take the parts out of the basics and look great to add personality to the production!


how-to-wear-collar-role-dani-noce-6 Photo 1 – Connected to fashion / Photo 2 – Deluxe Consultoria / Photo 3 – Wearesodroee

I really like the mix of textures in look 1; the leather of the pants brings a more rocker attitude and the fluffy blouse makes it more harmonious. In photo 2, I found the combination with a maxi tailoring vest incredible. The vest turns into a dress and the blouse complements leaving the look more wintry. The third image brings a blouse of terrycloth fabric and a loose fit. In addition to being super comfortable, the light color makes the production more romantic – great for strolling on weekends and visiting the family.
Did you like the productions?

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