How to wear denim jacket

How to wear denim jacket

The denim jacket is one of the biggest wildcards that we have when assembling a look. In addition to being super versatile, the piece is great for composing a mid-season look and ideal for that chill in the late afternoon.
There are several models and washes to match pants, skirts, dresses, tie at the waist, overlap… That’s why I decided to make a post showing several ways to use yours!



Photo 1 – Fashion Entrance Door / Photo 2 – Avenida Style d ‘/ Photo 3 – Luv to Look

The combination with pants is great! The look is very comfortable and stripped! You can combine it with boots, sneakers and slip-on (I talked about how I love them here)! If you want, you can also wear a sneaker and look more romantic! As jeans, the color palette is also free.



Photo 1 – Silent fashion / Photo 2 – Oasap / Photo 3 – Nylon Pinksy

The skirts look amazing too! The more dry models make the look more modern; the rounds make the look more romantic. If you are going to choose the most popular models, the short jacket is a great option, as it helps to mark the waist.



Photo 1 – Lovin’s Blog / Photo 2 – Glam Radar / Photo 3 – Rebloggy

The mixture of a super feminine piece with an oversized denim jacket is very modern and cool. You can finish the look with boots, heels, sneakers, sneakers… The accessories change the look!



Photo 1 – / Photo 2 – Rodízio Style / Photo 3 – Look Astic

If it gets cold, you can also take your jacket out of the closet! If the modeling is wider, use a cardigan or sweatshirt underneath. If your jacket is more dry, it looks amazing under a heavier coat (photo 2)!



Photo 1 – Devine Caroline / Photo 2 – The Fashion Tag / Photo 3 – Who What Wears

If you also live in São Paulo or in a city that is also impossible to know the temperature in a few hours, the denim jacket can become your best ally! With the higher temperatures it is difficult to dress her, but she has a charm tied around her waist! The look is super cool.

All denim


Photo 1 – Bettys / Photo 2 – Camila Coelho / Photo 3 – Ambers Caets

If you are more daring, the total denim look is the best option! You don’t have to worry about having the same jeans wash in all the pieces, the cool thing is to mix colors and models of jeans to compose a very modern look. If you want to replace the denim shirt with a t-shirt the result is also amazing!



Photo 1 – A Little Dash Of Darling / Photo 2 – Collage Life / Photo 3 – Mucca Shop

There’s no way! Round skirts are a passion, especially those printed or with a romantic texture! The short jackets seem to have been made for this type of look, because they do not weigh in the final look. They become real wildcards!
If you are still not convinced that you need one, how about taking a look down here and see the style that best matches yours? And, to get even better, the prices are great !!

  1. C&A | R $ 119.00
  2. Bitter | R $ 134.90
  3. Renner | R $ 159.00
  4. Marisa | R $ 49.90
  5. Luigi Bertoli for Dafiti | R $ 83.99

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