How to wear neckline on the back

How to wear neckline on the back

A good neckline is always amazing, whether it’s on your lap or back – it all depends on the depth and the occasion you wear. I confess that I am in love with the necklines on the back, as they are more unexpected and can be very sensual. Doubt? Look at the different ways to use it!

Shirts and Blouses

danielle-noce-1-back-of-fashion-style Photo 1 – Pinterest / Photo 2 – Lauren Conrad / Photo 3 – Steal the look

Shirts can get a new look if used the other way around – and yes, that’s possible! This is a styling trick widely used by fashionistas on duty! The knot makes the look more casual and fashion and you can open as many buttons as you like.
A very low-cut silk blouse can look beautiful thrown back, see? You can even finish off the production with a long necklace on the back, it looks very sexy!

Casual Dresses

danielle-noce-2-style-back-of-fashion-2 Photo 1 – Featured Beauty / Photo 2 – The Haute Pursuit / Photo 3 – Wedding Party App

Everyday dresses are much more interesting with a neckline, don’t you think? You can invest in a very deep model to give a more exaggerated effect or bet on smaller cutouts to play with the modeling. Did you see how the necklines go from sexy to romantic?

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