How to wear overcoat?

How to wear overcoat?

The overcoat is that essential piece for a good winter wardrobe. Having at least one neutral model makes all the difference on cold days, as it is very warm and we can still build super interesting overlays.
It was a time when this big piece style was considered very masculine. Nowadays, we find thousands of perfect models for a very modern and cool closet. Overcoats are timeless and versatile pieces, as they work very well in both sophisticated looks and casual productions! I decided to show you how this wildcard model can be used ?

With Sneakers

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A simple sneaker can completely change the look, right? The look is instantly more modern and cool, especially if you choose a very sporty model. I really like to break a more perfect look with these shoes, but I also love putting together a sporty look and putting on just one more elegant element – in this case, the overcoat. This high-low remains very high, you can invest without fear!

Clean clean

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