How to wear printed pants
How to wear printed pants

How to wear printed pants

Printed pants are great solutions to compose simple and stylish productions! It is common to forget this possibility and assemble looks with blouses, skirts and printed shorts. But there are a multitude of visual possibilities with the pants; from the most stripped to the most elegant!

Larguinha – high waist


Photo 1 – Querima Fashion / Photo 2 – Wachabuy / Photo 3 – Indulgy

The pants are hyper comfortable! Great option for hot days, because the fabric is very thin and the prints – mainly floral – bring lightness to the look. They look amazing with cropped, but if you want a more sophisticated look, add heels and a white knotted shirt or inside your pants!

Larguinha – low waist


Photo 1 – Glam Radar / Photo 2 – Fashion and Chips / Photo 3 – Daily Fashion Update Blog

Comfort above all. This modeling is very versatile! Wear with heels for a more sporty look or sneakers and sneakers for everyday life! I confess that I was dying to copy the second look; it looks mega comfortable, besides the cute print!



Photo 1 – Stylish / Photo 2 – Kate Monteith / Photo 3 – Stupid Girls

Flare pants are elegant in themselves! If you want to put on a look to work, choose a shirt and heels. You can also put together a super casual look like Kendall (photo 1); use a flat shoe and cropped to finish. If you intend to use the piece for a dinner, bet on a powerful print like the leopard that Camila used (photo 3).



Foto 1 – Nanda Pezzi / Foto 2 – Glam 4 Você / Foto 3 – Refined Style Fashion

I think of all the options, this is the most common! Forget the rule that those who have hips can’t use it! Enjoy striped or dark background prints – they help to refine the silhouette. But if you want, use a very clear one and combine it with a heel of the same color or nude!



Photo 1 – Meninices da Vida / Photo 2 – Forever 21 / Photo 3 – Girls Who Love Paris Blog

Printed leggings have become indispensable! You certainly run into several at the gym! But who said that legging is restricted to sport? The floral prints are great for creating looks that mix the rocker style with a more feminine footprint – I look even better if the background is dark because it contrasts with the pattern. Finish production with sneakers, boots, boots or heels!

Preferred – Black and White


Photo 1 – Bettys / Photo 2 – Lovin Blog / Photo 3 – Buzzfeed

I don’t think there is a better combination! The totally PB looks are extremely sophisticated! Dress pants in these shades are the best options! You can create a fashionista look (photo 1) mixing textures and applications; you can make a mix of prints and throw a blazer to finish (photo 2); or even go to a formal event combined with a simple cropped (photo 3).
See how the printed pants are super versatile?

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