How to wear shiny t-shirts?

How to wear shiny t-shirts?

I love to mix very different fabrics in the same look. More than that, I love to mix completely different styles in my compositions. So I decided to talk about visuals that mix brightness and applications with those very comfortable and wide t-shirts – the more detonated, the better!
This type of composition leaves the visual relaxed, but at the same time well cool. The look is very unpretentious – no matter how long it took you hours to choose it. Now, how about taking inspiration from these beautiful photos and taking a chance on your next appointment?

Shiny / Metallic Pants


Photo 1 – Where did you get it / Photo 2 – The Glitter Guide / Photo 2 – Lauren Conrad

When you choose pants, t-shirts will always match! You can assemble a visual rocker composing with a band shirt, as in the first photo. You can also choose a very bold model of pants and complete with a plain, very basic t-shirt, and on colder days finish with a more classic blazer. This mix of textures looks amazing!

Shiny / Metallic Jacket


Photo 1 – Getty Images / Photo 2 – Glam 4 you / Photo 3 – Who’s wearing

The boldest coats are great to complement your casual looks. This type of piece is, by itself, more glamorous! They look great with basic t-shirts and jeans! You can complete it with a heel – if you want a slimmer grip – or a sneaker if you want a more comfortable look.

Bright skirt


Photo 1 – Sincerely Jules / Photo 2 – Lovin Blog / Photo 3 – Style Caster

I love the combination! The t-shirt can be quite wide, as in the first photo, and worn over everything. You can even wear a dress and put the blouse on top. As skirts with embroidery and applications are more delicate, it is better to opt for plain t-shirts or phrases (all more delicate).

Metallic skirt


Photo 1 – Elle Spain / Photo 2 – My Fash Avenue – Photo 3 – Fashionista

I love the metallic tones. They make the production more modern and look like they were made for use with the T-shirts! Because they are not so bright, these models of skirts look great with any piece, as they add sophistication without getting too on. The models in evasê are great to disguise the hips and thicker thighs.
Because this type of skirt and texture is my favorite in this type of production, I took the opportunity to put together a look that I would super wear – and I hope you do too!
1. Enamels: Black Sepia | Risqué and Over the Edge | Essie
2. A-line skirt | Miss Patina
3. T-Shirt | CiChic
4. Clutch | Balmain
5. Boot | Harrods

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