How to work well in telework? The 10 tips to know

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Teleworking is more and more customary. In fact, when I started working, more than 10 years ago, it was exceptional that someone worked for a company from home while being an employee of it. However today that has changed a lot and many of my friends have at least 1 day of teleworking per week. New organization, strike, optimization of offices, productivity… There are many reasons that pushed you to work in the home office. But if we are settling more and more at home for our job, we might as well set up a comfortable office area conducive to productivity. Here are the 10 tips to know to work well from home.

1 – Choose the right seat to relieve your back

The first thing to study is obviously your sitting position. For this, it is essential to choose an ergonomic professional office chair.

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Source: INRS

2 – Raise your laptop screen to work well from home

Many brands sell stands to drop your laptop a few inches from your table. Between us, a pretty box does the trick! If you like beautiful macaron boxes or subscribe to the hygge box or the designer box, you have your solution in your hands!

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3 – Have a space dedicated to teleworking at home

Ideally, arrange your attic to create a nice office area. If having a dedicated room is impossible (as is the case at home – a two-room Parisian, don’t hide additional space!), Isolate the workspace as much as possible from the rest of the activities. So, if your desk is in your bedroom, when you are working, no one should be in your pasta. If your partner has to take a nap, shift your schedules. On the contrary, if you are working at the dining room table, do not organize the meal simultaneously or prevent your child from playing at your feet or watching TV at the same time. Teleworking to be the most productive must be done in a room which at least at the moment T is dedicated to the home office. It also works for the little one’s homework too!

But it will also be necessary that this space receives a quality internet connection. For this, I offer you my advice and my solution to avoid slow WiFi after diagnosing your problem. To do this, simply follow the steps I am telling you about in the second part of this article devoted to slowed WiFi.

4 – Optimize the natural light of your home office

You probably can’t move your window around the clock. Still, it’s easy to position your desk well to maximize the comfort of your home workspace. To work well in telework, the computer must in fact be placed perpendicular to the window. Because, with your back to the window, you will have reflections on your screen. And in front of the window, you would be dazzled by the light.

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5 – choose the right artificial lighting

For the health of your eyes, make the best choice for your light. Your desk lamp must illuminate your support well, not dazzle you and avoid reflections on your screen. It is therefore preferable to choose a luminaire whose bulb cannot be seen. On the bulb side, you have to choose a warm finish, a yellow white for a soothing brightness.

6 – Listen to music for a successful teleworking

People are still debating, but science has decided! Listening to music helps reduce stress and anxiety. Also, by listening to a beautiful melody, repetitive and monotonous tasks are performed better and more easily. Nevertheless, we must favor instrumental music because the lyrics distract us cognitively. Besides Spotify offers a “Maximum Concentration” playlist that I really like and that I listen to now! This is a compilation of classical music with soft melodies with a lot of pianos.

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7 – Working well telework also means taking breaks!

Whether it is from the 42nd floor of your tower in La Défense or from the office area of ​​your room, it is good for your health to do some exercises to stretch your legs and build muscles. As much, at the office, colleagues offer you a coffee, a small chat session. But with us, we quickly forget these little moments of relaxation. Yet they are essential. In fact, remember to get up regularly: put away a file, go and make yourself a cup of tea… So many small breaks that allow you to move a little and start again on a good basis.

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8 – Exercise to work well from home

But it is also possible to do some weight training exercises from your office chair:

  • Abs – Sitting with your back straight, lift your feet a few inches off the ground and balance for ten seconds. Repeat the operation 10 times. Then you can strum again on your keyboard.
  • Thighs – Sitting on the edge of your chair so that your thighs are not resting on the seat, lift one leg horizontally and hold this position for 30 seconds. Then switch to the other leg.

9 – Decorate the room with some plants

They will bring color and well-being. Then learn how to choose your houseplant well.

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Source: Mammilade

10 – organize storage spaces

Drawers, a small basket and even a pegboard are your allies for tidying up well and having a tidy office area in which it will be pleasant and easy to work well from home.

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Bonus: have a fast and reliable connection throughout the house

Personally, even if I have an office area, a dedicated teleworking space at home, I like to move around. Change room, get some fresh air. But this is impossible if your wifi is not good everywhere. Indeed, I had this problem: in the living room we had a great connection but passed the two load-bearing walls when arriving in the bedroom it was another story. But I found the solution to say goodbye to slow wifi without having to pay more for my subscription with my operator …

How to organize your working day at home

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