Human reactions in the kitchen

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When we talk about reactions in the kitchen, of course, chemistry, biochemistry, physics and other sciences come to mind. Only the reactions in question are now ours. I made a list of human reactions that I have witnessed and I can say that it is more curious to watch a face change expression than a caramelized sugar syrup. Some of these reactions are linked to the reactions of the food, so good reading!
1. Nervous mouth
People who cook by biting their lips or pouting. This modality has several formats, including that of making a beak and moving it to one side to try to remember if you forgot something.
2. Chat food
People who talk to the ingredients still in the packaging, saying what they are going to do with them, talking to the preparation, asking not to burn (often when they start to see that it is about to burn) and phrases like: “Do it with me no!”. I myself am taking care of a levain (natural yeast) and I speak to him in a different voice, that typical of talking to a dog.
3. “Don’t be afraid, it’s normal”
Some people look like a few friends while cooking, but when you talk to them, that countenance disappears from nowhere and they speak normally to you.
4. Cycling
More difficult to detect, but it has stove pilots that when preparing food or raise the tip of the foot, leaving the heel resting on the floor, or the other way, raising the heel.
5. Batuqueiro
Those who, between one action and another, inside the kitchen, usually beat on the counter, on the lids of pots, on pans, usually use only their fingertips. He turned, moved “tunts-turunts-shovel”.
6. Watch out, brave cook
Opposite to nº3, he is cooking for good, peace, love and conversation, but do not even dare to uncover a pan, because he becomes the animal.
7. Lulling food
Professional bedtime singers who are actually not singing anything at all. They stay in that nasal song, moving slightly to the sides. In general they are very calm people.
8. Suddenly teacher
You are in the kitchen with this person and suddenly he starts to explain step by step what he is doing, what he is going to do and why he is not doing it any other way.
9. Endless perfectionism
The cook who does something beautiful, that you have never eaten before, not even in renowned restaurants, then he is dissatisfied and says: “I’m sorry, it could have been better, but…” and he explains himself.
10. Almost dubbing
People who change their tone of voice when they are cooking. Have you seen other people? Where do they come from? What do they eat?
11. Supporter of Forno Futebol Clube
Stopping in front of the oven and watching anxiously the result of the “match” is the best weekend program.
12. Yes sir, sir!
The person is cooking alone, but if someone appears, orders begin: “Open that door, take the second bowl, wash it, take a knife there in the second drawer…
Did you identify someone in the sentences?

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