Hummingbird Bakery

After my stuffed falafel sandwich (which I described in this post here), I went back up to Portobello Road to go back to a place I had spotted while going down (wanting to see everything before it got too dark), the Hummingbird Bakery.
I don’t know exactly how Humming Bird Bakery came into my imagination, I don’t really remember if I saw it on any blog, magazine or film. But when I saw the facade I said to myself “Oops! Mandatory stop here! ”. They have published cookbooks, so you may have come across them in a bookstore.
London is indeed a wonderful city. Wherever you look, there is always some old building, a modern store, a park that looks like a painting, a nice cafe. I really think that anyone who says “you eat very badly in London” either doesn’t know how to recognize a cool place when you see it, or doesn’t know how to look for guides (because well-criticized restaurants and cafes and renowned chefs is not lacking) or else all you can do is eat mom’s beans and rice.
hummingbird2 But one thing is still missing: one place that really represents English culture, because everyone else is always inspired by some other culture. I think markets of producers who sell cheeses, breads, pies, etc., are the closest to that. Jamie Oliver, one of England’s best-known chefs continue to cook Italian food, and now the Humming Bird Bakery slogan is “American-style baking” and according to its founder, “there was no place in London to eat authentic American sweets.” that phrase (which is on their website) had a fit of laughter because it seems like a joke. In Brazil, there has been a movement to rescue our roots for years, with chefs exploring the best and most authentic that our land has to offer. we have a lot of things, yes sir (besides bananas)! In France, then, we don’t even talk about it. In times of irreversible globalization ersible, I think it’s beautiful to see a nation that values ​​its culture so much.
hummingbird1 But coming back, then, right. Because cupcakes, whoopie pies and red velvets are great anyway, and I love it! Hummingbird, which opened in Notting Hill in 2004, became so famous and worked so well that it has opened 4 more stores besides this one in London. is to keep the products as fresh and “homemade” as possible, so each store has its kitchen and its team of experts working. I find it interesting because, despite the great movement that Hummingbirds receive, they manage to minimize that massive, wide result series productions, and it was exactly Hummingbird that made cupcakes and whoopie pies famous in the UK.
Upon entering Hummingbird Bakery I had to face a line, but the attendants are efficient and agile and I was quickly answered. The place had nothing to worry about. The decor was not the most beautiful I had ever seen and the presentation of the products was not much. I thought it was a shame because the presentation of both the place and the product is already half way to delight the customer. In fact, I found everything in there more or less and from the photos you can see that the sweets appear a bit “fallen”.

As I was already there, and eager to eat a sweet treat, I ordered a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles. I had a “brigadeiro cupcake” face, obviously it wasn’t, and I couldn’t resist. As I wasn’t going to stay inside to eat, they packed my cupcake in a cute box for me to take. My opinion here will be somewhat limited because I ended up tasting only one cupcake, which looked like a good cupcake, but not a big cupcake. But as they said that appearances are deceiving, this cupcake was wonderful! The dough was super fluffy and moist to the extent, like it had been made the same day. His cover was those “icings” that they call, something I never did, but sugared to the measure and not at all greasy. I ate the cupcake splendidly and I recommend a visit there!
hummingbird3 Humminbird Bakery – Notting Hill

133 Portobello Road

Notting Hill, London

2DY W11

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