Hungry Planet – 30 families and 24 countries

Hungry Planet - 30 families and 24 countries

Peter Menzel traveled the world, passed through 24 countries and found 30 families. With each of them, she did the same thing: she grouped a mother, father and children in a photo around the equivalent of all meals a week.
You can imagine a little bit of the scene, especially if you watched “You are what you eat” on GNT. Unlike the TV show, this series by the American photojournalist resulted in an award-winning book that makes us rethink some ways.
Hungry Planet – What the World Eats, published in 2006, still presents questions that we are, unfortunately, used to. Social inequalities appear in a simple and clear way. By placing the weekly expenses of a family of people next to the photo that illustrates the data and, shortly thereafter, presenting another completely different family, both culturally and economically, Menzel and his wife, Faith D’Aluisio, pose the question in table. How much is enough for you?
After viewing the photos, it is worth stopping and thinking about the weekly expenses with food. Is everything really necessary?
Spend per week: 375.39 euros to feed 4 people
Hungry Germany
Spending per week: 3.80 euros to feed 13 people
Hungry Buto
Spending per week: 241 euros to feed 4 people
Hungry Japap
Spend per week: 0.90 euros to feed 6 people
Hungry Chad
United States
Spending per week: 260 euros to feed 4 peopleHungry USA
Spending per week: 20 euros to feed 15 people
Hungry Mali
Spend per week: 214.36 euros to feed 5 peopleHungry Italia
Spending per week: 143 euros to feed 5 people
Hungry Mexico
The book is on sale at Amazon and Hail.

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