I participated in the realization of the fresco of Merci!

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Understand my enthusiasm, I collaborated with Merci! In the beautiful decoration shops pays homage to its birthplace. This is how you can put your best shot to create the Merci fresco and draw together the silhouette of Paris.

Okay, I’ll stop you right now, I’m not the new Artistic Director of the store.

But the current exhibition will allow everyone – and therefore you too – to make a contribution to the building.

His face to be more precise.

A collective and progressive fresco is in progress at Merci.

Spend the night in the most beautiful decoration shops

Thanks, for those who don’t understand my excitement, it’s a little slice of heaven in Paris. A boutique where a cutting-edge selection of fashion, designer and decorative objects is mixed and where you can enjoy tasty meals. Every visit is an incredible experience. The ball takes place in a majestic loft, a meeting of exceptional products, limited series and traditional products. An eclectic selection for everyone to find what they are looking for.

But the real concept of Merci is its solidarity side since the profits are donated to associations to help underprivileged children in Madagascar.

In short, a place where I dream of being locked up.

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Merci’s fresco: together creating the silhouette of the capital

During the summer (June 8 to August 14), lovers of the Boulevard Beaumarchais Concept Store can collaborate and above all display their best smile on the wall of the store.

Fresco de merci paris summer 2015 Fujifilm Instax Wide 300.

Fujifilm indeed offers to be photographed with the Instax Wide 300 (available on Amazon). To ease everyone’s mind, we each take our turn behind a pair of See Concept glasses.

Mural by Merci Shop Paris Fujifilm Seeconcept.  Photos taken with the instax Wide 300 instantaneous and letmesee glasses.

A smile or a grimace with the complicity of the instantaneous development of the film and presto, you are posted for the whole summer.

Fujifilm fresco exhibition by Merci Paris.

So I have already taken part in this work. Will you find me?

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