I want: Printed dough rolls!

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Zuzia Kozerska is a Polish designer (you can’t even understand her nationality by the name, that’s it) and passionate “maker” of cookies, pasta and cakes. The problem, for her, is that to make the tastes attractive and cute, she would need to spend an entire weekend in the kitchen coming up with ideas.
As Zuzia (people, I loved that name) believes that from every need a project can arise and then an incredible product, she happened to create the first dough rolls designed by laser and commercialized. Each of the prints is worked with care and arouses in us a crazy desire to go out and pass the roll in everything that is kkkk
Take a look at these cuties:
In addition to being beautiful and delicate, each dough roll comes in a box with some preparation tips and cookies, delicious and homemade! See if you can. To check the designer store, just click here. Which roll would you choose?
I fell in love with snowflakes and owls.
Ah! It has a mini version, for small ones <3
Seriously, I loved everything.

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