Ibbü: monetize your passion and your expertise

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Today, I wish you speak of a nice service: ibbü.

If you read Clem Around The Corner diligently, it is probably because you are a true interior design enthusiast… Otherwise, you are a good friend of Clémence! Personally, I created this decoration blog 4 years ago precisely to share this passion. I was, and still am, very enthusiastic to relay the news and trends in interior architecture. But, beyond this notion of sharing, a new mission has been added: that of advice. By talking to you, via the blog, I indirectly accompany you in your purchases and the creation of an interior in your image. While by email or on social networks, I answer and point you in a more direct way.

Seeing, touching and discovering so much has made me an expert – or at least someone who can give wise advice.

It’s a bit like the Youtubeur who for some time referred me to the purchase of my new sound recording equipment for the new video format that I want to develop in addition to Bon Clem. His advice was invaluable. And I am very satisfied with the purchases I made thanks to him because they come from an authentic and quality opinion.

This is perhaps the case for you too? Maybe you’ve remodeled your entire house yourself, which makes you a DIY expert? Maybe you are passionate about photos and you can therefore guide those around you in the purchase of a camera that perfectly matches its budget and use?

If so, I would like to introduce ibbü, a platform that allows you to monetize your expertise.

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Ibbü: Get paid for giving advice

Making ends meet by advising others and helping them make the right choices in your area of ​​expertise: this is the idea of ​​ibbü.

ibbü opinion platform advice student job blog decoration clemaroundthecorner

From the platform, you offer help to customers who browse the partner merchant site. You may thus have to guide them on their choices but also answer technical questions or the properties of the product. “Can this chair be set up outdoors?” “. “How can I fix my hanging chair if my ceiling is concrete? “” Which microphone do you recommend for recording podcasts if I have a maximum budget of 150 €? “. It will then be enough for you to give your opinion, authentic and qualified.

ibbü opinion platform advice student job blog decoration clemaroundthecorner

Ibbü: Advise, answer questions, share your passion and your expertise

Concretely, you start by having your knowledge validated by answering a questionnaire adapted to your area of ​​expertise. For example, if you are a DIY expert you will most likely be able to advise Leroy Merlin customers. It is also on this campaign that I started.

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To do this, you will need to create an ibbü profile and then choose your areas of expertise. Well you can apply campaign by campaign. Your application is evaluated following the answers you give to the questionnaire.

Then everything is rather simple, clear and easy to implement. The remuneration is also very transparent. In fact, you can be paid for making contact (around € 2 per chat) or for sale. In the latter case, the remuneration for your work is a percentage of the amount of the sale made by the person you advised.

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