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One of the desserts that I like the most is ice cream, from the simplest to the most exotic, at any time of the year, I love it. To be able to enjoy the variety, when I go to an ice cream shop I never choose those flavors that usually the big brands sell in supermarkets. Visiting ice cream parlors is something I like to do. But, since making dessert is also a pleasant activity, I decided to add one thing to the other and bought an Ice Cream Maker.

ickfd ice cream maker

There are several on the market, you can search and buy on websites. From what I’ve found, there are two types, basically. The cheapest ones that hardly cost more than R $ 200.00 (it was the type I bought) are made up of an engine, a spatula kit and a bowl that must remain in a freezer until free to use (at least 24 hours before use). Okay, this is a problem since this bowl is 13.5cm high and 21cm in diameter. As I have space in my freezer, she lives inside without problems. There is the ice cream maker that does not need to “live” in your freezer / freezer, because it has a refrigeration system, but this type costs the price of a good refrigerator (really expensive).

beet ice cream antonio nogueira ickfdPhotos: Antonio Nogueira

What are the advantages of having an ice cream maker?

Create your own ice cream, satisfy your personal taste, avoid the consumption of dyes and other chemical additives, etc. I’ve already made 100% strawberry ice cream (no added sugar), mango with ginger and curry, I’ve made beet ice cream, acerola with raspberry, almond with hazelnut and 100% cocoa, vanilla (real vanilla, broad bean ), 100% guava, 100% avocado.

guava ice cream antonio nogueira ickfd

Why don’t you venture out too? The recipes you already have here at ICKFD!

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