Ice cream trend These are the new trends in the ice cream parlor

Ice cream trend These are the new trends in the ice cream parlor

Chocolate, strawberry or yoghurt are boring! Try these unusual ice cream flavors in summer.

The temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer, the clothes are getting shorter. But there is still something missing for the perfect summer feeling. Exactly, a refreshing ice cream in hand! This year, too, the ice cream parlors have come up with creative varieties that ensure a very special taste experience.

At the forefront is cheesecake with small pieces of dough. Here two delicacies come together that taste very harmonious. If you like it a little easier, you can use basil-lemon. The spicy note goes perfectly with the acidic, refreshing fruit.

Even more unusual, but more and more popular, are ice creams with goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk. This goes particularly well with chocolate, for example. Or try risotto ice cream with saffron the next time you visit an ice cream parlor. Takes getting used to, but very tasty.

If you want to do without the conventional ice cream cone, you can create your own ice cream at “My Stick Shop”. First you choose the flavor, then you decide on a coating. Then the ice cream can be sprinkled with crumble, nuts or coconut flakes as desired. Mhmm, that’s how summer tastes!

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