Ice for all tastes!

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When I saw some pictures of ice with flowers, two thoughts crossed my mind. 1) “Wow, how beautiful!” – 2) “Okay, but then the ice melts and you do what with the flower?”. The way was to test, right? My birthday was coming (I am very Aquarian, I was born on the first day of the sign) and the heat did not stop, as every January of summer here. There I went to pick up cute little flowers and branches of rosemary and basil in the home garden. I put it in the ice pan making different combinations – “a basil leaf matches this white flower; this rose petal looks beautiful with that little blue flower !; hmm, I think the rosemary will have its charm on its own … ”-, then I completed it with filtered water and gives it a freezer. The result? It was BEAUTIFUL!
ice-with-mint-simplydivinecreation-ickfdice-with-rosemary-basil-ruffledblog-ickfdsource: Simply divine creation / Ruffled blog
We prepare refreshing drinks with lemon, rum, sparkling water, a little sugar and lots of beautiful ice to complete. I loved it and thought that the drinks gained a charm, because each glass came out with a different gelinho, not to mention the flavor that some leaves give to the drink, such as rosemary and basil. Can you imagine making several different ices for a wedding? I gathered some inspiring photos for you to get excited and make the guests’ bowls more beautiful and colorful.
In the drinks section of the website, you can find the best recipes to match your colorful ices. Take a look!
flower-ice-karissafanning-ickfdfun-ice-cubes-designlovefest-ickfdice-fruit-designlovefestice-flower-blackhappinesslove-ickfdsources: Karissa Fanning / Design Love Fest / Black happiness love
There is no problem when the flowers melt, but it is important to use only the edible ones (no, you don’t need to eat them) because some may not be very good for your health. Do you know that story about putting real flowers to decorate cakes? So, it’s more or less the same here. And of course, you can freeze berries, too. The ice is just as beautiful and then you can enjoy a cold strawberry, a blueberry, a cherry… Ah, how delicious; D
ice-with-flowers-fruits-funky-ickfdSource: Funkytime
Another cool tip is to make a fruit puree, which is perfect for fuller drinks. Dani even put a recipe for fruit ices in the book Por Uma Vida Mais Doce, so if you have yours, check it out and test the recipe!
ice-movenourishbelieve-ickfdSource: Move Nourish Believe
Prepare some colored ices and comment down here to say if you liked it. A kiss, good party and a toast to nature!
cover photo / start of post: Betty Magazine / Garron Nichols

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