Iceland glaciers and waterfalls tour

Iceland glaciers and waterfalls tour

We started the sixth day with a nice breakfast at the Hali Country Hote – which is actually a big farm. The hotel and the restaurant are inside and are super delicious!
We took advantage of the morning to see the animals in the houses that are scattered across the land, a cuteness !!
Soon after, we took the car and went to visit the Jökulsárlón glacier nearby. The place is incredible and brings an indescribable peace!
Despite the cold, the day was super open and clear! You could almost confuse the sky and the sea, all very blue. Glaciers and rocks completed the landscape …
Did you think it was just that of a beautiful landscape? It’s very messy! Leaving there, we took the road to go to one of my favorite places of the whole trip …
The Svartifoss waterfall looks so beautiful! In addition to being in the middle of nowhere, the stones that surround it are super straight. You can hardly believe it!
To face all the adventures of that day, I needed a comfortable and super warm outfit. This time, the thermal jacket had to go with me!
Underneath I had a blue fur coat from Kenzo – a shame I couldn’t stand being with him for long.
The pants were also very warm. A little wool never goes bad in such low temperatures, right?
Finally, once again the accessories made all the difference: pink leather gloves, beanie with pompom and a beautiful blue scarf closed the look!
Did you like it?

  1. Pants | Geysir
  2. Boot | My shoes
  3. Black Cardigan and Blue Jacket | Kenzo
  4. Thermal Jacket | North Face
  5. Beanie | H&M
  6. Glasses | Thierry Lasry
  7. Glove | Ted Baker
  8. Scarf | Zara

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