ICKFD Cake Toppers


Hey, psiu! Stay, there will be cake. I mean, it will be as soon as you take a look at the sweetest novelty in Brazil! Dani Noce has just launched a line of cake tops for everyone to decorate the cakes. There are countless options, ranging from a few inspiring phrases to delicate hearts, all done in the greatest care. The colors are Dani’s favorite shades and you can check out all the models on the 2Wed website here.
Get inspired:
top-of-cake-chocolatudo-dani-noce-ickfdtop-of-cake-be-yourself-danielle-noce-ickfdtop-of-cake-heart-hearts-dani-noce-ickfdtop-of-cake-congratulations-dani-noce-ickfdFlag-Dani-noce-top-of-cake-ickfdcake-top-be-happy-dani-noce-ickfdYou already saw that the last videos of the channel came decorated with some of these, right? The Brigadeiro Cake was the most successful and the Passion Fruit Mousse Cake was also just a joy!
recipe-cake-mousse-maracuja-dani-noce-5What did you think of the novelty? Shall we bake some cookies until our order for cake tops arrives? Click here to check out delicious recipes!

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