Ideas for July

Ideas for July

With these beautiful sunny days in São Paulo I was thinking that a lot of people are on vacation and need to enjoy this most delicious moment. Even without traveling, I’m sure there are places close to your city with great options for you to have fun! How about leaving a little bit of home?


ideas-for-july-parks-cinema-theater-trails-beach-danielle-noce-1 Photo – Talking to the Moon

Every place has a park close by, you have no excuse! Staying in a nice place with friends is the best option to enjoy the day even more. Cycling, running, walking the dog or even having a picnic can be a delight. I myself, when I didn’t run in Ibirapuera, I hardly visited wooded spaces in São Paulo. Nowadays I see the difference that makes practicing some sport outdoors, it is super tasty!

Those who are still not convinced can try to go to an amusement park in the region – after all, who doesn’t like to go on a roller coaster every now and then? And if you live further north, where it is very hot, look for a water park!

Movie theater

ideas-for-july-parks-cinema-theater-trails-beach-danielle-noce-2 Photo – Tumblr I thought

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