Ideas that go beyond the curtain!

Ideas that go beyond the curtain!

I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person who loves unusual uses for pieces, whether in fashion or, of course, in décor. That’s why I keep researching references on the internet, on trips and even in restaurants and stores that I usually spend in São Paulo: each place has something unique to offer.
Lately I have been paying more and more attention to the details, after all, we are still with the reform of the top part of the producer. I ended up finding some ideas for using fabrics on Pinterest – something I had never thought of as an alternative to complete the decor in an unusual way.

Ideas that go beyond the curtain!

Photo: Pinterest

And it is not by chance that I decided to make a post about it, after all, the fabrics go far beyond what was expected. Curtains, rugs and upholstery are already known items that really make a difference, but have you ever thought of using 1 meter of thin, practically translucent fabric as a room divider?
This is a simple idea that leaves any space more cool! Fabrics colored or cut in a different way can be used both in corporate environments and at home!

These strips can also act as panels on the walls. If you live on rent or don’t want to invest so much in wallpapers, why not use overlapping fabrics to give a new look to that wall without much grace?
Another cool idea is to create your own panel! MDF boards can be covered with the fabric you prefer and the best thing is that you can bring much more personality to the environment ?

Now, if you found a wonderful fabric or an amazing print, why not transform it into a frame? This is a great idea for those who, like me, find stunning fabrics on trips, but have no way to bring the necessary amount to make a curtain or cover a sofa / armchair.
That goes for those super expensive fabrics too, you know? Sometimes it is really impracticable to line a sofa with it, but a painting can solve that issue!

Ideas that go beyond the curtain!

Photos: Designer Trapped and Studio Mcgee

Just use a little creativity to incorporate common materials in a much more interesting way in your decor! So, have you ever thought about these unusual uses of fabrics?

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