Ideas to Enjoy Every Corner

Ideas to Enjoy Every Corner

Who doesn’t want to enjoy every corner of the house in the best way? In times of increasingly small apartments and houses, everyone wants to optimize space! If you have a small environment, I think it is worth investing a little more in the joinery and installing niches and shelves to enjoy the environment.
And you know those corners of the walls that are usually forgotten? They can not only serve as support for many pieces, but also become excellent decorative elements!


The niches are always excellent alternatives to accommodate larger pieces! The models that “accompany” the walls still bring a more graphic element to the decor. Simple, but still full of charm, right ?!

Shelves in Zigzag

Ideas to Enjoy Every Corner

Photo: Fresh Design Blog

That half-dead corner is much more interesting with zigzag shelves (one on each wall), right? This, in fact, is the easiest and cheapest way to enjoy the space.

Triangular Shelves

Ideas to Enjoy Every Corner

Photos: Wit & Delight and Urban Outfitters

Another way to accommodate smaller pieces in these corners is with the triangular shelves. In small environments, such as bathrooms, these are great alternatives!

L Shelves

Like the niches, the shelves that accompany the walls are great for placing larger decorative items! This, by the way, is a great tip for small offices ?


Ideas to Enjoy Every Corner

Photos: Sor Trature and Sors Paris

Last but not least, we have built-in niches, almost like cutouts on the walls. Although they take more work to do, the effect is incredible and the optimization of space is much greater! Incidentally, this is a great option for narrower corridors, right?
See how you can enjoy every corner of the house? Just use your creativity a little!

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