If you have a sweet tooth, these 5 reasons prove: Chocolate is healthy!

If you have a sweet tooth, these 5 reasons prove: Chocolate is healthy!

You are an absolute chocoholic, but always have a guilty conscience when you have “sinned”? From now on it’s over! We’ll tell you why chocolate is healthy after all.

Who does not know that? During the afternoon low in the office, in the evening in front of the TV or just in between: A piece of chocolate is balm for the soul. But also for our body? After all, sweet sin has so many calories. Nevertheless, you can and should treat yourself to a mini-dose of chocolate from time to time, because: It’s healthy! Assuming it is dark chocolate, i.e. with a high cocoa content (e.g. 70%). We’ll tell you five good things that (dark) chocolate does for your body.

It protects our body

And that from harmful environmental influences. A chocolate bar contains more antioxidants than – be careful! – four apples! These are so-called flavanols, naturally occurring plant ingredients. For a bar to have a health benefit it must contain an average of 53.5 mg of flavanols per bar. And that’s only the case with dark chocolate. A Vollmich bar, for example, only contains 14mg, which is more than three times less! Sorry to all Milka, children’s chocolate and Co. fans.

It is good for the heart

Again, it is the flavanols of dark chocolate that are good for us. They lower blood pressure, improve blood flow rate and blood clotting. The resulting more stable circulatory system protects against heart attacks and strokes.

It makes babies happy

You read that right! But not the sweet bundles of joy should become a sweet tooth, but their mothers during pregnancy. Because if expectant mothers eat a piece of dark chocolate every day, according to a study, their babies are later totally happy.

She is a real brain booster

Absolutely no concentration while studying? Try next time with a dark chocolate snack. Up to two hours after the power snack, your brain works at full speed, because: The flavanols also strengthen the blood flow to the brain, which can function better as a result.

It helps you lose weight

Due to the high cocoa content and the flavanols it contains, dark chocolate makes you full faster than the whole milk variant. In addition, it satisfies the cravings for sweet and fatty foods. So you eat significantly less sweets and can hold your summer body easily.

Not a fan of dark chocolate yet? According to this list you should choose the “healthy Definitely give the chocolate variant another chance, right? You quickly get used to the somewhat bitter taste (again the work of flavanols) – we promise!

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