Immune system The symptoms of a cold

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The symptoms of a cold can vary from case to case and may be of varying severity. The flu infection usually begins with general symptoms such as a sore throat, cough or runny nose.

In the beginning there are often phenomena that medical professionals call general symptoms. A slight scratching up to pain in the throat followed by a cough, runny nose or hoarseness. These symptoms can appear in a wide variety of combinations, while characteristics such as tiredness and headache can also occur.

Symptoms and complications in case of a cold

An initial tickling in the nose with the urge to sneeze quickly turns into a runny nose with a cold. A watery to slimy-purulent discharge is caused by the inflammation of the nasal mucosa. A flu-like infection hinders breathing through the nose, impairing the ability to smell while the voice passes into the nasal. Once the immune system has been weakened by a viral infection, an infection with bacteria is possible in the course of the disease. In such cases, children often suffer from otitis media, which manifests itself in symptoms such as ear pain. Other complications are sinus infections and pneumonia.

When therapies are needed

In many cases, there is also an increase in body temperature. Children with a cold are particularly susceptible to fever, which is identified as such at a body temperature above 38 ° C. The fever is a natural defense reaction of the body against a bacterial or viral infection. Unless the temperature continues to rise and culminates in febrile seizures, the rise itself is usually harmless and usually ends in a successful defense against the infection. The use of medication such as fever suppositories is therefore usually not necessary. Therapy with active ingredients such as paracetamol, ibuprofen or acetylsalicylic acid should only be given in the case of accompanying complaints such as headache, joint pain or muscle pain. The latter drug should only be used in children over 14 years of age.

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