Impacting eye

Impacting eye

How about revitalizing your makeup? More glamorous parties and ballads call for a more impactful look while, right? Colored make-up can be the solution to change your make-up a little. I know it’s more risky than the little black dress, but the look can be wonderful!

makeup-beauty-colorful-eye-shadow-eyeliner-danielle-noce-0 Picture – the berry

For a cleaner effect, bet on opaque shades of blue or coral that look amazing on all skin types. To give a super glamorous effect, invest in the glossy finishes – in this case the green looks sensational!


makeup-beauty-colorful-eye-shadow-eyeliner-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Fab Forgotten Nobility (Tumblr) | @ssssamanthaa | Glamor Stealing the eye | Philippe Salomon @makeupgeektv | Minki Lashes | Julia Petit

Buying a good colored palette can be the solution to your make-up. It is logical that neutral tones are always present in this type of makeup to give the finish of the concave and soften the most pigmented eyeshadows. The easiest tones to use are blue, green and coral; roses and lilacs can look tired depending on the technique – if you have the skill, play in different tones!


makeup-beauty-colorful-eye-shadow-eyeliner-danielle-noce-2 Photos – The Finds | VinutyA | Galta Chata | BuzzFeed | M for Woman | Pause for Feminices | Snacks | Galley Chata

I love the double outline because the effect is delicate and super modern! Of course, eyeliner always requires more practice, but if you know how to apply the little black dress, take a chance on roses, blue and green for a more striking look. Is the look very striking and not obvious?

Where to buy?


  1. Bourjois Clubs at The Beauty Box | R $ 42.90
  2. Urban decay at Sephora | R $ 259.00
  3. MAC (color: cheerful) and Sephora | R $ 96.00
  4. Nature | R $ 26.40
  5. Vult na Beleza na Web | R $ 15.99

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