Impressive change Sarah Traber is almost halved – and is now fighting this problem

Impressive change Sarah Traber is almost halved - and is now fighting this problem

Wife, mother of three, fitness trainer and a fighter – all of this distinguishes Sarah today, but that was not always the case: the young woman once weighed 162 kilograms and only found her way to her current self after years of struggle.

Sarah Traber’s (30) weight loss journey began with blows of fate: Two of her uncles died of excessive weight. It took her a year to understand what and why it had happened. But then everything happened very quickly: from one day to the next there was “that famous click” in her head. The starting shot for Sarah’s new life was given and on the same day she registered for her first sports class: Zumba. In small steps Sarah began to change her life, to pay attention to her diet and to do sports. In the first few hours of the aerobics and dancing class, breathing was her biggest hurdle. The music, good mood and no unpleasant looks made her enjoy the exercise and at the same time the desire to change something in her diet.

The pounds began to drop

After all, exercise was the reason Sarah began to eat less and avoid carbohydrates in the evening. When she weighed 110 kilograms, her weight loss process stalled and she started Weight Watchers. So the point-counting dropped her remaining pounds. She describes herself as a “food addict” and compares the addiction with that of an alcoholic – food will confront her for the rest of her life, but she has to learn to live with it. That is why Weight Watchers is also the right weight loss method for Sarah: she can eat what she wants and is in control herself.

New eating habits lead to success

The hardest thing for Sarah was not losing weight, but maintaining the weight. There are a few foods and tips that helped Sarah in her transformation. She has replaced some of her meals – for example, the bread roll for breakfast has given way to skyr, protein yoghurt – and today she eats in moderation, which means: the noodles no longer have to swim in the sauce and the portions have become smaller – because old Sarah ate everything what was on her plate. Unhealthy food such as sausages, cornflakes and sweets can hardly be found in the Traber household – Sarah is afraid that she will otherwise have binge eating. Instead, today the mother likes to eat vegetables and turkey meat. Her Thermomix and her family have made healthy cooking and eating easier for Sarah, because luckily Sarah’s children eat with her healthy diet without reluctance. But that doesn’t mean that the family of five never has sweets. Sarah still eats everything today, just more consciously.

Today Sarah knows what enjoyment really means for her: It is no longer eating at McDonalds with three bags of Haribo as dessert, but a freedom – “being free, being healthy and being able to move around”.

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Weight loss wonder Sarah

Almost halved
Sarah lost an impressive 65 kilos

Despite gastric surgery, she did not lose weight. Then she was thrown off course by the death of her two uncles from being overweight – until she clicked herself and finally lost weight.

“Do not keep travellers from travelling”

Not only did the numbers on the scales change for Sarah, but so did her life. She has always been active, but with her current weight of 78 kilograms she can do a lot more – to her delight, she can also slide without getting stuck. Sport and exercise have long ceased to be a torture for Sarah. She also works in this field professionally and works part-time as a fitness trainer. Sport is part of Sarah’s everyday life – she trains five times a week. Of course, dancing should not be missing in the weekly training: The mother of three spends two sports units with the “Body-Joy” course she founded herself. Sarah goes to EMS training two more times – energetic sports – where she also works as a trainer. For the last training session, pole dancing, jumping or another hobby, which changes depending on your mood, is on the plan – Sarah always wants to try new things.

Her family and the trainer from her first Zumba course were helpful in Sarah’s new beginning, and they never stopped believing in her. Such a big change also meets envious people: Sarah’s friends have mostly stayed by her side, but a few seem to have not gotten to grips with their transformation. “You shouldn’t stop travelers: a few friends said goodbye – out of envy or because they wanted these things too and couldn’t do it themselves. In return, many new people and new encounters have come along. All of them have shaped my life. ”

One thing remains: the skin

But with such a transformation, new problems arise: Sarah lost kilos of weight, but the skin remained. Sarah is still struggling with her excess skin and the health insurance companies. After her first operation, in which her stomach was flattened, Sarah did not feel relieved, as expected, but felt bad. From the outside she was nice to look at, but Sarah no longer felt like the old woman and first had to find out who she was. Unfortunately, this discovery process was associated with Sarah starting to eat more and gain weight again. At first she said it was nice until a colleague was brave and told her charmingly and honestly: “You urgently need to lose weight”. A little wake-up call that put Sarah back in control. She signed up again with Weight Watchers and has been able to maintain her weight ever since.

However, the excess skin remains and still restricts Sarah today. “I have my second breasts on my back,” is how Sarah describes the large flaps of skin on her back. They create wrinkles under which it often becomes inflamed. But there is also a lot of skin left on the thighs, and this is not without consequences: Sarah recently had a palm-sized fungus on her thigh that she put out of circulation for two days. She was on sick leave and therefore unable to work. Inflammation, fungus formation and redness occur again and again and under the skin flaps – but the remnants also make noises when walking. In sports and especially pole dancing, the excess skin prevents Sarah from making individual figures.

Giving up is not an option

Sarah does not want to continue like this: She is fighting with the health insurance company for further operations that should get rid of her annoying skin. Three more operations are necessary: ​​on the arms, back and legs. On the upper parts of the body, the skin could even be removed within an operation and Sarah also planned that in November – regardless of whether with or without the support of the health insurance company. A family doctor, dermatologist, plastic surgeon and orthopedist have already confirmed the medical necessity to operate on the excess skin. However, the medical service did not see it that way, but the contradiction is running and Sarah hopes to be seen, otherwise it goes to court, because: Giving up is not an option for Sarah.

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The journey is not over yet

What’s next for Sarah? After two contradictions, Sarah’s health insurance company only approved the operation on her back. If the health insurance does not give in, Sarah pays for the skin removal on the arms herself – with a proud self-payment of almost 2,000 euros. It’s worth it to Sarah so that she doesn’t have to go under anesthesia twice and the healing processes take place at once – without being incapacitated twice at work and in the household.

In the future, Sarah wants to continue to work part-time in the gym and of course be a full-time mom. The sport should remain an integral part of her life and she wants to improve especially in the area of ​​dancing. And otherwise? Let’s see where the path leads Sarah. “Every day I have a new dream and a new goal of what I want to achieve. I am generally a dreamy person. I think life is not worth it without dreams. Wake up and think: what could I do today? ”Whatever Sarah’s future may look like, she knows for herself: Giving up is not an option.

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