In just 60 seconds With this trick you will get rid of cravings immediately!
In just 60 seconds with this trick you will get

In just 60 seconds With this trick you will get rid of cravings immediately!

Sometimes it just comes over you and you want nothing more than fries and a big burger. Especially now in winter, the risk of food cravings is particularly high. But what can be done about it?

If all your thoughts are about food again, a trick from traditional Chinese medicine can help. The so-called acupressure is based on the idea that energy channels run through the body. These are called Qi. With the help of targeted pressure on the Qi tracks, certain complaints can be treated. You have to press these points:

1st face

On the face, the acupressure point is on the midline between the nose and upper lip. Press this point for 60 seconds and your cravings will go away within 20 to 30 minutes.

2. arms

On the arms, three fingers’ widths above the crease in the wrist, on the inside of the arm, is the point that calms the stomach. If you also press this point for 60 seconds, it not only calms the stomach but also reduces nausea and vomiting. And pressing this point can also help with psychological and physical complaints.

3. Legs

On the legs, the acupressure point is located below the knees within a slight depression. This point is considered harmonizing and helps on the one hand to reduce the urge to eat and on the other hand it helps if the thoughts are constantly revolving around food.


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