In the middle

In the middle

Sometimes we are loving our hair, we don’t want to change the cut, let alone the color. I’m always looking for new hairstyles or at least searching for them, because doing it myself ends up not doing it. My hair is a little thinner, so even when I want to do a braid or something it never looks perfect.
Even so, I like to see and admire beautiful hairstyles and maybe one day I’ll do it that way, or not. Or just just take advantage of me to give you beautiful ideas that should have a lot more beautiful hair than mine and can do! And this post will help you with that – hair kind of stuck it is salvation! There are dozens of variations and I chose some for you to be inspired!



Photo 1 – Little Things Blog / Photo 2 – / Photo 3 – Pretty Designs

The braids always leave the romantic and delicate look. Wavy or curly hair is easier to fix. If necessary, just apply a little mousse or fixing spray to make them firmer – although I really like the very loose braids.



Photo 1 – Bella Mumma / Photo 2 – Summer style blog / Photo 3 – Beauty department

The twist is very practical! If you liked the first photo, just put on a headband and roll your hair over it – it looks very charming. In the other two suggestions, you need nothing more than two staples. Your bad hair day the days are numbered!

Front stuck


Photo 1 – Cosmopolitan / Photo 2 – Glamor / Photo 3 – Beautiful drawings

If the problem is to hold that long bangs, this look is ideal. The retro reference appears very strongly. The hairstyle is very chic and you can put a lot of effort in the makeup, since the face is well exposed.

Clips and bows


Photo 1 – Pluie Hair / Photo 2 – The Glitter Guide / Photo 3 – Gorgeous Atelier Dresses

In any option you choose, the loops and ties add an extra touch. There are thousands of options and you can choose the simplest ones for day-to-day or the bright ones for special occasions. See how you don’t need much to make the look super feminine?

Curly hair


Photo 1 – Pinterest reproduction / Photo 2 – Hairstyle Solution / Photo 3 – Trusper

Don’t come up with excuses! The half-tied hairstyle looks amazing for those with very voluminous and curly hair. In addition to the clips and barrettes that attach very easily, the look removes the monotony of ponytails – so common for those who have this type of hair.

Straight hair


Photo 1 – Bobby Glam / Photo 2 – Pop haircuts / Photo 3 – Style Craze

If you have very straight hair, the hairstyle helps to give movement! Some clips can make your look much more “messy” and the braids look beautiful. If the clips and barrettes do not fix the hairstyle, there are some specific products for texturing the strands – mousse, dry shampoo or even some finishers.

Hair with bangs


Photo 1 – Eva / Photo 2 – Glamor Uk / Photo 3 – Updos for medium length hair

If you have bangs like me, the hairstyle looks very, very, beautiful! The muse Brigitte Bardot was already adept at hairstyle in the 50s. The retro touch is undeniable! If you want to unravel the hair on the top of the head a little, the look is more charming. If you prefer a simpler hairstyle, do it like Emma Stone and use only two hairpins (one on each side) to make the bangs even more evident!

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