Incredible Cups and Bowls for Verrines
Incredible cups and bowls for verrines

Incredible Cups and Bowls for Verrines

Verrines are great ways to present cold and delicious desserts, aren’t they? Even if you prepare the easiest recipe in the world, I’m sure that if you serve it in individual portions, everyone will be more willing to try it.

Complete recipe

I love using this presentation to make the cake look more sophisticated, you know? Panna cottas, gelatinas, creams, pavés, mousses … All these delights can be served with much more charm ? Just put different textures and tones in the cup, always remembering to wait to add a new layer.

Complete recipe

With the holidays approaching, this can be a great way to get your dessert out of the way, right? You can either bet on standard cups and glasses or make a mix of beautiful models, but always serving the same amount, see ?!

Photo: Lavender and Macarons

Photo: The Almond Eater

Photo: The Kitchn

Photo: 196 Flavors

Photo: Lilie Bakery

Like the idea? Look at some beautiful options of pieces:

1- Mickey – 6 pieces | R $ 159.00
2- Spicy – 1 piece | R $ 24.90
3- Casa Mind – 6 pieces | R $ 399.00
4- Utilplast – 6 pieces | R $ 199.00
5- Etna – 3 pieces | R $ 25.99
Now just take a look at the recipes here on the site to assemble yours!

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