incredible ideals to get inspired!

incredible ideals to get inspired!

As in a renovation or a move there are many details to worry about, some of them end up being left aside and we chose the standard. When we talk about shelves, for example, we hardly stop to think about the type of support we want, don’t we?
This post will prove that this choice can make all the difference in your decor!

Photo – Décor Fácil

A leather strap, a very detailed French hand, a rustic rope … All of this can make your home much more charming, see?



Photos – Living at Home and Fun Interior

Are you a fan of industrial style? Me too! The exposed pipes are registered trademarks of this type of decoration and they can end up on your shelves! This rough finish is ideal for marking some shapes that even create a “drawing” on the wall, almost like a panel ?



Photos – Etsy, A Casa Eh Sua (Blog) and Decostore

The strings can make the piece much, much more charming. Who has a rustic decor can invest without fear in sisal strings. Has a more modern style? The black models are great options.



Photos – Ulti DIY and Lotte van der Loop

The leather straps are a separate case. The models that imitate belts are very beautiful and I’m sure whoever notices this detail will realize how special your home is!

French hand


Photos – Run to Radiance, Home Stories and Design Forum

French hands are the most classic and resistant supports! You can invest in more elaborate and adorned models (last photo), but there are also more incredible minimalist variations.
Did you like the tips? I’m sure this detail will not go unnoticed ?

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