Incredible neighborhoods and buildings in Panama City

Incredible neighborhoods and buildings in Panama City

Panama City has very different neighborhoods from each other, which makes it even more interesting. When you pass historic buildings, for example, it’s a totally different atmosphere from the more modern part of the city. For me, the contrast between old and new buildings is what makes the place even more amazing. I separated some regions and buildings that are worth visiting and that demonstrate this contrast present throughout the city.

Old hull

Incredible neighborhoods and buildings in Panama City

Photo: Exuberant Travel

Casco Viejo is one of the most delightful areas of the city to stroll through. It’s nice to walk around the place and get to know the streets and buildings very calmly, so take a day (or at least a period) just for that. In addition to the morning and afternoon tours, the nightlife in this area is very lively. This part of the city concentrates several well-known points like churches, squares and museums! One of the best known there is the old convent of Santo Domingo.
Most of the buildings in this part of the city have a more colonial architecture that makes the buildings even more special and charming. There you will also find restaurants, bars and shops that are worth the visit.

Central avenue

Incredible neighborhoods and buildings in Panama City

Photo: Javier Alonso

Avenida Central is full of shops and historic buildings in the Panamanian style. It is super busy, with plenty of street art and options of typical shops. It is a very simple region, but well known for its trade. It is worthwhile to stop by and explore the older part of Panama a little.


Incredible neighborhoods and buildings in Panama City

Photo: Inspirational Seek

One of the newest and most incredible spots in the city is the Biomuseo. It was built with the aim of encouraging city dwellers to value the country’s natural heritage more. The project has eight rooms, each of which has a different theme – all related to biodiversity.
Inside the site there are some permanent exhibitions, such as one on terrestrial life and another on the country’s aquatic life. There are also some temporary exhibitions. If you want to know more about the museum just go to their website!

Pacific Point

Incredible neighborhoods and buildings in Panama City

Photo: Philip James Realty

Punta Pacifica is one of the newest regions in Panama. In this part of the city is located Avenida Balboa, which is the most modern there, in addition to being the widest of all. Panama is often known as a place similar to Miami, and this part of the city reflects the resemblance quite a lot. It is on Av. Balboa that the F&F Tower is located – a super famous building there because of its twisted shape, as if it were a screw.

Las Américas Bridge

Incredible neighborhoods and buildings in Panama City

Photo: M. Vanicatte via Wikimedia Commons

The Las Américas Bridge crosses the Panama Canal and was, for years, the only link between the North and South of the American continent. The shape of the bridge is beautiful, looking like a huge arch in the middle of the canal.
Whoever wants to have a better view of the bridge can observe it from a lookout point. This spot pays homage to 150 years of Chinese culture in Panama, so you will find a Chinese arch there. Ah, to have an even more privileged view of the place, go there to watch the sunset!

Garzas Palace

Incredible neighborhoods and buildings in Panama City

Photo: Panoramio

The construction of the Presidential Palace of Panama has a colonial style and is very typical of Panama City. It is located in Casco Viejo, as are most of the city’s old buildings. What makes this mansion interesting is that practically all its decoration is white! Have you ever imagined the work you must do to keep everything well taken care of?
These are some of the main attractions of the city. In addition to these places, there are several museums and churches scattered there and worth visiting if you have more time left sobr

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