Incredible statement from the school principal: Leggings are only allowed to be worn by women with size zero!

Incredible statement from the school principal: Leggings are only allowed to be worn by women with size zero!

The mania for slimness, especially in the fashion industry, has become a constant topic. Young girls in particular are quickly influenced by it. It doesn’t help at all if a school director even supports this size-zero mania.

A maximum weight for leggings

A school principal from Southern California has now commented that leggings can only be worn under certain conditions. She says leggings are made to be hidden under a longer item of clothing, like a shirt or sweater. This is because the bottom is covered and the genital area is protected from greedy looks. In general, according to the school director, Leggings, however, are only worn by women with size zero. Because if you don’t wear size 32 or a maximum of 34, you just look fat in it.

The statement caused horror, of course. Felt like that attacked numerous schoolgirls who do not wear a size zero. But it didn’t stop there. Because according to the school rules, the headmistress’ views are even anchored in the school’s dress code. It prohibits leggings, yoga pants or tights from being used as normal pants.

This is what the school principal says after the size zero debacle

After the headmaster met a wave of indignation, she relativized the initially somewhat harsh statement to her students. She told ABC News 4 that she went to all the classes at the school and explained. She said it was not her intention to hurt anyone with her testimony or to offend. She also expressed her support for the students. Finally, she said that she was sure that the coming school year would be wonderful despite her statement about leggings and size zero.

Leggings - Do's and Dont's

Fashion trend
It-piece leggings: these are the dos and don’ts!

No matter where you look, they are everywhere: women in leggings. As much as we love this practical piece – there are a few do’s and don’ts that you should definitely pay attention to when wearing leggings!

Dress code at school – that applies in Germany

In the USA and England in particular, many schools rely on uniforms. After all, this strengthens the sense of community and students from poorer families are not excluded because they cannot afford branded clothing. In Germany, however, it looks different. There are usually no uniform uniforms or mandatory dress codes at the school. But are these institutions still allowed to prohibit certain outfits such as leggings? What does the law say about the dress code in school?

Basically you shouldn’t tell anyone how he or she wants to express himself or herself in fashion. Otherwise it would be a violation of personal rights according to Art. 2 Para. 1 of the Basic Law. However, this is offset by the general duty of consideration in accordance with Section 241 (2) BGB. Every citizen must take care not to offend others. And this can also happen when you wear sexy clothes. That is why mutual consideration is also mandatory at institutions such as schools.

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