Incredible transformation This man has lost 200 pounds

Incredible transformation This man has lost 200 pounds

While some people have to nibble at one or two pounds on their hips when losing weight, others are fighting in a completely different league when it comes to “losing a lot”. Carlos Orosco had to at least cut his body weight in half to survive – and this transformation is really impressive!

What an insane transformation! The American Carlos Orosco from Michigan weighed almost 300 kilograms when doctors signaled to him that he would not live long in his condition. So the then 38-year-old had to lose a lot of weight – and made a change that seems almost unbelievable. Today he is preparing for his first marathon and is really hard to recognize.

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He’s always been strong

Since his early childhood, Carlos was more of a stocky and tall boy, reports “”. For a long time he did not notice his high body weight and thought that as long as he could do sports and move around, everything would be fine. In itself it was, but when he moved out of his parents’ house at the end of his twenties, an odyssey began: in just a few years his weight increased, at peak times he weighed just under 300 kilograms, ate his frustration and drowned these in alcohol. He only escaped from this fateful spiral when it was almost too late.

Change of heart overnight: This American lost so much weight!


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He barely jumped the shovel of death

When he was 38 years old, his life turned over. Severe pain and swelling from blood poisoning ultimately took him to the hospital. “The symptoms were made worse by my weight and I consulted a surgeon to discuss gastric sleeve formation,” Carlos told the news site. With this surgical technique, the stomach volume is reduced by around 80 to 90 percent, thus greatly reducing the possibility of food intake. During the meeting the doctor informed him that he would probably not even be 40 years old if something didn’t change soon. That was the wake-up call that the then 38-year-old apparently needed.

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The stomach reduction was scheduled for six months later, but before that Carlos had to lose about 50 kilograms. And so he did – together with a nutritionist, he changed his meal plan and began to move again. “The first few months were really tough. I was constantly fighting against cravings and cried myself to sleep many nights, ”he recalls, looking back. But he struggled – and after the stomach reduction, he was able to reduce his weight to around 150 kilograms. But then it went no further.

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Today running is his big hobby

He couldn’t break the 150 kilo mark just by eating less, but fortunately the former heavyweight discovered running for himself. He has now completed 36 races and is training for his first marathon in October. Overall, Carlos has lost more than 200 kilos in just a few years and is healthier and more vital than he has ever been before. He’s finally leading a good life, he proudly says today at the age of 42. He still has one goal after the transformation: He wants to share his story and motivate others to seek help, be patient and never be discouraged.

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