Incredible transformation Wow: This couple lost around 100 kilos together

Incredible transformation Wow: This couple lost around 100 kilos together

Jeremy Crawley and Jasmine Parent from Canada did an incredible job and as a couple lost around 100 kilos in just ten months.

Jasmine and Jeremy were one of those couples who always had a few feel-good pounds too much on their hips. But that should finally be over. Both resolved to radically lose weight and lost a total of around 100 pounds in less than a year.

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Jasmine lost from 133 to 79 kilos and Jeremy lost 43 kilos in body weight. They did this by tweaking their diets and starting to exercise together.

An effective couple weight loss program should help

As the British online newspaper “” reports, the trigger for the joint weight loss program was an unflattering photo of the two of them, which was taken around Christmas 2017. So they decided to change their diet and do sports together to lose weight.

Jasmine told “When I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized how painful the sight was. Not only emotionally, but because of my high body weight, I had severe back pain and also pain in my knees ”.

So Jasmine and Jeremy decided to lose weight together. At first, the couple avoided fast food and avoided sugary foods as best they could. In a second step, they then began to play sports. With great success, as it turned out after ten months, because as a couple they were able to lose around 100 kilos together.

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Woman loses 60 kilos – because she refrains from this drink!

Losing weight is sometimes not that difficult if you simply avoid certain foods. This is how Karlye Thurlow from Australia did it: She just stopped drinking Cola! Your success is amazing!

What are your plans for the future?

As a reward for their incredible weight loss performance, they decided to take a trip. “We’re going to be taking our first family vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica, as a reward for getting our bodies back in such good shape after almost a year of training and dieting,” Jasmine wrote on Instagram. The two of them also post lots of “before and after” photos here – with a lot of pride in what they have achieved in such a short time.

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