Incredible weight loss respect!  These are the biggest successes in 2017
Incredible weight loss respect these are the biggest successes in

Incredible weight loss respect! These are the biggest successes in 2017

Sticking to a diet is hard enough. When it comes to shedding not just a pound or two of bacon, but hundreds of pounds, things get really hairy. We present the most incredible weight loss stories of 2017.

Hats off to anyone who manages to shed a few extra pounds with exercise and a change in diet. Even more respect, however, is due to those everyday heroes who this year managed to reduce their body weight from life-threatening dimensions to a healthy level. We tell you the most inspiring stories

Jessica (23) – 83 kilos less

Jessica Weber from Illinois, USA impressed us not only with her weight loss of over 80 kilograms, but above all with her merciless honesty. Because on her Instagram account, the young woman documents every single step of her weight loss story. While other people prefer to hide their proportions, she boldly posted photos of her long journey; from the initial fullness to a problem that many people who lose massively lose weight struggle with: excess skin. Nothing is embellished with Jessica, she openly shows her body in a bikini. She wants to encourage all those who are ashamed of their bodies and show what obesity can actually do. Image

Fate story
She lost 83 pounds and posts incredibly bold before / after pictures

Jessica Weber doesn’t want to hide. She has lost 83 kilos and is now struggling with the excess skin – nevertheless she takes bold pictures.

Erin (29) – 87 pounds less

It was the night before a party that made Erin Hulick from the USA aware that something was wrong in her life. She had already tried ten outfits, none of which looked good. However, it was not the clothes that were to blame, it was her body of almost 160 kilograms. The next day she completely changed her everyday life. She began to exercise more, replacing her office chair with an exercise ball, and removing fast food and soft drinks from her menu. Instead, simple carbohydrates and lots of healthy protein were on the table – lots of vegetables, lean chicken, turkey, fresh salad and eggs.

She withstood all temptations for months and intensified her exercise schedule until the scales only showed a healthy 70 kilograms. However, 10 kilos of it are still skin flaps. The result of their strict diet. In order to be able to pay for an operation, Erin collects money on a crowdfunding platform.

Chenai Boucher Facebook

Lose weight
Young woman lost an incredible 50 kilos – and that without any diet

You may think that dieting is the only way to lose a lot of pounds. But there is another way of doing it. Strength training alone can work wonders for losing weight.

Jennifer (22) – 90 pounds less

On her 21st birthday, Jennifer Ognenovski from Sidney, Australia was fed up with her body. She dragged around 150 pounds. “If I keep going like this, what will I look like in ten years?” She thought to herself and turned her life upside down. She managed the first 15 kilos with a diet of lots of vegetables and few carbohydrates, then she couldn’t go any further. Until her doctor advised her to have a stomach reduction. The operation turned out to be a complete success. Her food cravings came to an end, and she kept up her diet with ease. Within six months, another 57 kilograms had disappeared. Today she weighs a slim 67 kilos and feels more energetic than ever before. Image

What a transformation!
She lost 90 pounds in just one year!

Jennifer Ognenovski from Syndney is a new person. The 22-year-old has lost a total of 90 kilos and is hardly recognizable.

Jack (21) – 90 pounds less

Jack Towers from Ashford, England was a fat kid all his life. The teasing he had to endure only drove him further to comfort himself with food until, on his twenty-first birthday, he weighed in at an impressive 210 kilograms, no longer fit in a cinema seat and his doctor informed him that he was about to arrive I had diabetes. That was warning shot enough for Jack, who until then had preferred to eat fast food. From then on he began to cook himself, even taking his own meals to work. In order to motivate himself, he also documented his progress on Instagram. He lost 90 kilograms in just ten months. With this, Jack feels fit enough again to supplement his consistent diet with a sports program so that the last pounds will eventually fall.

Lose weight without exercising
He lost 90 pounds in just 10 months – that’s how he did it

A 21-year-old Briton has now achieved a weight loss of 90 kilos in ten months and without any exercise. How can this work?

What a power couple: Lexi (27) and Danny (29) have lost over 200 kilos together

Like so many Americans, the Reed couple from Indiana, USA, had burger stalls and frozen pizza for dinner on the daily schedule. L.exi first had to bring it to 240 kilos, her husband at least 150 kilos, until it was enough for both of them. Together they cheered each other on, drove each other to the gym and made daily cooking a loving ritual. Above all, this conscious form of diet helped both of them lose weight. Today they weigh 90 kilos each and can easily hold this comfortable weight. For the additional boost of motivation, the two have also bought an Instagram account on which they recreate photos from their fat years slim and slim. Image

You are unrecognizable
Counts only the love! This couple lost an impressive 200 kilos together!

Lexi and Danny Reed did the seemingly impossible: together they lost around 200 kilos in just two years. How it works? With love that is known to move mountains.

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