Indian Medicine Problems During Menopause? This is how Ayurveda can help you – even as a total newbie

Indian Medicine Problems During Menopause?  This is how Ayurveda can help you - even as a total newbie

Ayurveda expert Kerstin Rosenberg wants to teach menopausal women how traditional Indian healing art can improve typical complaints such as hot flashes, mood swings and the like. Marians Welt spoke to the author about the benefits of Ayurveda for menopausal symptoms.

Mood swings, hot flashes, extra pounds – menopause can sound like an uncomfortable time in a woman’s life. However, it can also be an exciting time full of changes and new insights. How one experiences menopause always depends on each woman. Kerstin Rosenberg is an Ayurveda expert and with her book “With Ayurveda through menopause”, which she wrote with yoga expert Petra Wolfinger, she wants to show that women can get through this time without hormones.

The traditional Indian art of healing can help women deal with ailments and increase the joy of life even during menopause. The two authors did not leave out a single topic, nutrition, sexuality, but also tips on hot flashes and mood swings can be found in the book. Marians Welt spoke to Kerstin Rosenberg. It reveals how Ayurveda can help in times of upheaval – even for those of us who have not yet had any contact with the art of healing.

Marians Welt: Now to be specific: How can Ayurveda help with menopausal symptoms?

Kerstin Rosenberg: Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India has a wealth of experience in holistic gynecology. Even if menopausal problems are not so widespread among women in India, Ayurvedic knowledge of the physical and psychological changes in women over the age of 50 is very helpful in order to gain new access to yourself, your own body and to rediscover yourself Gain femininity.

And the positive effect of the practical health tips and therapy methods for menopause, such as oil massages, yoga exercises as well as individual nutritional recommendations and herbal recipes, can be felt directly.

Why do you think menopause is such a big upheaval for women?

From an Ayurvedic point of view, our life is divided into three major life cycles – childhood, midlife and maturity, which shape our physical development and psychological expression. During the transitions between these phases of life – such as puberty and menopause – we tend to become more susceptible to illness and instability due to hormonal and metabolic changes. Which complaints arise depends on our individual constitution. Because menopause, in particular, intensifies problems that arise in mid-life.

Ayurveda works well for everyone!

Women who naturally tend to have a slim build, dry skin and emotional sensitivity, so-called Vata types according to Ayurvedic constitutional theory, have an increased risk of depression, osteoporosis and dryness in the vaginal area during menopause.

Other women, on the other hand, suffer more from hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, and mental irritability. These women usually have a high proportion of Pitta, which from an Ayurvedic point of view means that their constitution is prone to more heat, acidity and inflammation, regardless of the menopause.

Let us recognize our own with the help of Ayurveda Constitutional type with its tendencies to illness, we can do very well in this way to experience menopause in a healthy and joyful way.

Is this also a strategy for women who have not had any contact with Ayurveda before?

Yes, Ayurveda works well for everyone! There are little tips that improve our wellbeing improve: A glass of warm water in the morning stimulates digestion, a warm milk in the evening with a little nutmeg and poppy seeds promotes sleep. Those suffering from hot flashes should consider cardamom and coriander seeds as tea and Use spice. And a relaxing massage with warm sesame oil cares for the skin, stimulates the endocrine system and does the Soul good.

How do I know that I am going through menopause and what symptoms should I expect? Our expert explains that in the video!


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Why should women prefer natural, hormone-free strategies?

Menopause is a natural process in which women say goodbye to their fertility and in return receive new freedom in thinking and acting. Even if we often have the feeling that the physical and mental stress and performance decrease from the age of 50, new potentials also unfold, especially in the creative and therapeutic area. The woman no longer has to “stand by her husband” in the balancing act between family and work, but can reflect on her new role as advisor, friend, grandmother and healer. The intake of hormone preparations prevents this transformative process. This should only be considered if there is a medical indication.

The woman no longer has to ‘stand up’ in the balancing act of family and work

How was your own experience with menopause? What has helped you during that time?

Fortunately, I myself had no symptoms during the menopause. In the early 50s there was simply no bleeding and At first I was concerned about being pregnant. And as a result I feel that I’m getting older, mine Metabolism is no longer working quite as actively and the tissue is weakening a bit, but overall I feel “right in my middle”. This positive reaction certainly has something to do with my Ayurvedic approach to life, which I have been following for over 30 years.

Why should women be more open about menopause and the symptoms that go with it?

While writing the new book “With Ayurveda through menopause “ I have lots We conducted interviews with women and it was very touching to feel how beneficial the community and the conversation among women have on us all. And of course the A is tooexchange about the use and effects of Ayurvedic Home remedies for menopausal symptoms are very helpful. Because many women suffer from similar problems and can benefit from the experiences of others.

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