Industrial Furniture In Decoration!
Industrial furniture in decoration

Industrial Furniture In Decoration!

The decoration with a more industrial footprint has won the hearts of many people out there. I, for one, am completely in love with this style. In fact, much of the furniture from the production company we are renovating has these more rustic characteristics. If you want to have an office as inspiration for some renovation, be sure to keep an eye on the renovation diaries we post on YouTube!
There are several ways to transform environments following this trend, such as apparent pipes and wires, pendant lamps, burnt cement walls or even bricks. In the same line, the furniture plays a little with the industrial rusticity, mixing different types of materials in the composition of the pieces.

Photo: Whalen

The main colors of this type of decoration are usually the black, shades of gray and others more earthy. The most classic furniture and within this color pattern are those that bring together the iron as a wood. The result is beautiful and the furniture is super charming. Rust shades they also tend to be very present, especially in the details!
It may seem a little strange to some, but the fun thing about the products is that they have this unfinished or old face, you know? The environment is full of personality and the pieces are super original.

Photos: Studio Industrial and SI.SACCAB

You can choose to leave only part of the furniture with the characteristics of an industrial furniture. A single item makes a big difference, however simple it may seem! Drawers or sideboards, for example, are great pieces to give a new air to the environment, be it an office, a living room or a kitchen.

For the result to be incredible, just be creative and choose the one that best suits your taste and the location you intend to change. It’s cool to even mix different styles. THE vintage decoration and industrial design are great examples of trends that make spaces beautiful and harmonious. If you want to give vintage touches to decor, click here to see some suggestions ?

Photo: Joss & Main

It is important to remember that in many cases, less is more. So be careful not to make the environment visually polluted. In addition, more modern items are always welcome so that there is an interesting contrast between the different pieces. If you like a style more minimalist, the pieces with industrial design are perfect to give that special touch.
Were you interested in buying some furniture with this wonderful design? Some of the stores that have industrial furniture options are West Wing, Studio Industrial and THE Industrial Design. It is even difficult to choose which are the most beautiful!

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